October 2, 2023

Will not be part of any bloc, Russia-Ukraine wants a peaceful solution to the conflict

“Developed countries have a lot of problems with money laundering, so we can’t do anything to get the money back,” he said.

ImranKhanPTI's Interview

Prime Minister ImranKhanPTI 's Interview with OksanaBoyko_RT

In an interview to Russian TV (RT), Prime Minister Imran Khan said that in the past, Pakistan became part of the US bloc, due to which Pakistan received aid, but because of this aid, we could not strengthen our institutions.

“Foreign aid is a curse, for which countries have to make wrong decisions. Because of aid, we have not paid attention to the real drivers and factors of development and have become accustomed to relying only on aid,” he said.

“We will no longer be part of any country’s bloc, the world is divided into blocs, we want the division to end and the problems to be resolved peacefully, the United States used force in Afghanistan, in Afghanistan,” he said. What was achieved by using force, the world saw what America gained from the Afghan war, it is foolish to resolve any conflict through war.

“I do not believe in any military adventure or military operation. We want a negotiated solution to our differences, while Russia and Ukraine want a peaceful solution,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that due to Corona, the world economy was hit, the world has not yet been able to get out of the effects of Corona, if it goes into another conflict, there will be more difficulties, developing countries cannot afford any Cold War, our The main focus should be on how to lift people out of poverty.

He said that he did not understand how the tension between Russia and Ukraine increased so much that petrol became expensive due to this tension.

He said that humanity is facing many big challenges, one of the challenges facing the world is environmental pollution, environmental pollution is affecting the world, climate change is also a big challenge, we as human beings have our responsibilities. Should pay and work together to eradicate poverty from the world, to alleviate the sufferings of the people.

Imran Khan said that no country develops alone, but the region develops. If one country of the region is affected then the other must also be affected, such as Pak due to sanctions on Iran. Iran gas pipeline project has been a problem, we want sanctions on Iran to be lifted, we can get cheap gas from Iran.

Talking about Pakistan’s relations with Russia, the Prime Minister said that we have mutual relations with Russia and we want to further strengthen these relations.

Pure . Talking about India relations, the Prime Minister said that as soon as he came to power, he invited India for talks. Do

He said that poverty is very high in our region. The real issue between Pakistan and India is Kashmir. The present India is not of Gandhi and Nehru, it is of Modi. Focusing on humanity, we want trade relations with countries all over the world, including India.

Talking about Hindu racism and Hindutva ideology in India, the Prime Minister said that racist extremism in India has reached alarming proportions, inciting hatred against Muslims and other minorities in India by saying that Hindus are great. There is a nation but these other nations or religions are an obstacle in their development, this thinking is very dangerous.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he is ready to have a discussion with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on TV against Indian policies.

“It would be very positive if we could resolve our differences through dialogue and discussion for the people of the subcontinent,” he said.

He said that money laundering was increasing poverty, unfair distribution of resources and money laundering were major challenges and the world was facing problems due to money laundering from developing countries.

Imran Khan said that institutions are destroyed due to corruption of the rulers, the main cause of hunger, poverty and misery in the world is money laundering, illegal transfer of money and corruption, taking money out of the country is tantamount to destroying institutions. Yes, the transfer of money from developing countries to rich countries is a big problem.

He said that billions of dollars were being transferred illegally from poor and developing countries to rich and developed countries, which is why there is a huge disparity in resources between rich and poor countries, because rich countries have to spend this money. There are benefits to relocating so they are also silent on the issue and do not address the issue.

He said that the former rulers of our country also transferred money abroad and made properties abroad. If rich and developed countries investigate the money coming from abroad whether the money is legal or not then the transfer of money can be stopped.

“Developed countries have a lot of problems with money laundering, so we can’t do anything to get the money back,” he said.

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