September 24, 2023

We have always protested peacefully, we will protest peacefully in Islamabad too: Imran Khan

Imran Khan also chanted slogans like “Imported government is not acceptable”.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has said, “I will call the people of Islamabad after May 20.”

Addressing a public meeting in his home constituency of Mianwali on Friday, Imran Khan said, “I ask the people if you will remove the containers placed in your way.”

“No container will be able to stop you, no Rana Sanaullah will be able to stop you, no cherry blossom,” he said.

He said that the sea of ​​people is coming to Islamabad, the thieves are being challenged, whoever is listening, listen, such a big sea of ​​people may not have come before.

“When the sea of ​​people comes to Islamabad, they will demand only one thing, elections.”

The chairman of PTI said, “If I had been a thief like him, I would have been polishing shoes like him today. Cherry Blossom has lodged a false FIR against me.”

“You have registered a false case against Rashid Shafiq and arrested him at the airport. We have always protested peacefully. We will also protest peacefully in Islamabad.”

The former prime minister said, “We are not beggars, we are not life support machines, we are a living nation. If Islamabad tries to stop the march, then you will be responsible.”

He said that Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiqs together conspired to overthrow our elected government.

“I ask my judiciary, shouldn’t you have taken suo motu notice of the vote sellers?”

Imran Khan said, “Courts can open at 12 o’clock at night, so why not disqualify these thieves?”

Addressing the people, he said, “If these looters come to any constituency to seek votes, you have to arrange them.”

“You have to teach them a lesson that people will be scared all their lives by selling their conscience.”

Imran Khan said that Rana Sanaullah had killed 18 people and had attacked Shahbaz Gill on the motorway.

“If any of my workers get involved, we will hold Three Stooges responsible and so will your handlers.”

Imran Khan also chanted slogans like “Imported government is not acceptable”.

“We will not allow these thieves to impose on us under any circumstances. They have registered a case against me for blasphemy,” he said.

“I challenge you, liar and deceiver, that wherever you go in the world, you will hear the voices of traitors and thieves.”

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