September 24, 2023

Vote sellers betray democracy, constitution: Imran Khan

He said that now it is the responsibility of the judges of the Supreme Court to hear their cases, the Supreme Court to hear their cases on a daily basis.


Addressing a rally in Kohat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the price of petrol and diesel has started rising as this imported government has been ordered by its masters to increase the price of petrol and diesel but under conspiracy. The imposed government is scared, they are afraid that there is a tiger behind them and the sea in front.

He said that they are stuck. Cherry Blossom Shahbaz Sharif had a great passion to become the Prime Minister. For its hard work, it has great ability to polish shoes and boots, it polishes military boots and American boots very well.

He said that he reached there after polishing his boat but now he is enjoying the person whose biggest disease is money. His name is Asif Zardari. Asif Zardari is heavy on all of them. However, when the rupee and stock market fall, all the abuses are falling on Shahbaz Sharif and he is enjoying Asif Zardari who is also sitting in the federal government and also occupying Sindh province.

The former Prime Minister said that these three stages formed the government with great planning, conspiracy and shoe polishing. The three stages Asif Zardari, Cherry Blossom and Diesel together toppled our government and today Shahbaz Sharif himself is trapped.

Chairman PTI said that now they will ask Americans and IMF to help us for God’s sake, give us dollars, if you don’t give us dollars then Imran Khan will come back.

Imran Khan said that the Americans will never give them such dollars, if they give them dollars they will enslave them more, they will order them to make foreign policy according to our wishes, they have also given orders that it is cheaper than Russia. Can’t order oil while we had agreed to get oil at 30% lower rate.

“We also had an agreement to get wheat from Russia at a 30% lower rate to save our people from inflation, but they abolished the agreement and enslaved,” he said.

“When this government asks them for money, they will give them dollars, put chains around their necks and order them to make the decisions they want, as happened in the American war with us,” he said. General Musharraf succumbed to the American threat and 3.5 million people were displaced from the tribal areas and those who paid Zakat became Zakat recipients.

He said that Pakistan had made the most sacrifices in the US war, there were drone strikes, thousands of people were killed, whoever died was said to be a terrorist but no investigation was ever done because the government had met with the US. The government had allowed them to carry out drone strikes.

The former Prime Minister said that this is what happens. I have come to the people of Kohat to fight for slavery and for real freedom to fight against it. You all have to fight for real freedom together with me. Ready to join me.

Imran Khan said that we have to send a message to the imposed thieves and those who imposed them that this is a free country, the slave nation has never become a great nation, the nation that is a slave they crawl on the ground, only free Man comes up.

Chairman PTI said that on one hand there are people who want corruption in the country to end, system here to be good, justice to come here and on the other hand there are bandits who have been returning to the country for last 30 years. Were

He said that at the moment we have two paths in front of us, Allah has commanded us to decide between these two paths, Allah has not allowed us to be neutral, there is no middle ground. That is why I have come to prepare you for the march for real freedom in Islamabad.

Criticizing the current government, the former prime minister said that the people in the government of Cherry Blossom kept telling us that we are incompetent, they used to say that if we go public then people will call us bad but now they are hiding. And people are honoring us.

Chairman PTI said that they used to say that we are experienced, now that experience has gone, their country’s economy has been destroyed, they used to criticize us on inflation, we remember the media houses and anchors who feed on their money. They used to say that there is inflation, now they should go to the people and ask what is the situation of inflation in the country and ask if they are with this imported government.

Criticizing PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, he said that this was the first government which was running without diesel but now diesel also joined them.

The former prime minister said that everyone used to say that Shahbaz Sharif is very experienced, he gets up at 7 in the morning and runs away. After all, we took control of the country during an epidemic like Corona.

He said that they used to ask us to lock down, criticize us, cut FIRs, they did not care about poor people.

He said that record remittances of 31 31 billion should be sent in our time. Overseas Pakistanis planned to invest, exported the most, picked up the industry, got money from farmers from sugar mafia, got the right price of produce. In our time, record production of 5 major crops, 60% prosperity in Pakistan, started work on 5 major dams, planned to plant 10 billion trees.

He said that we have saved Rs.1000 billion in the Ministry of Communications, we have built cheap roads, we have made a record decision, we have saved 30 30 billion from loss, there has been corruption in rental power, Pakistan has been fined Rs.200 billion. Talking to the President, he abolished fines, restructured power contracts and saved the country Rs 700 billion, saved 300 300 million a year by signing an agreement with Qatar, because we were not making money, our government was overthrown because we They were not doing corruption and they are running away to ask for money.

The former prime minister said that we are grateful to the court for the decision of the Supreme Court against looting today because the Supreme Court has saved the morality of Pakistan from falling. Tried to end as.

He said that those who sell their votes, betray their constituencies, people, betray democracy and the constitution, thankfully the Supreme Court today rejected their vote.

Imran Khan said that Hamza Shahbaz had sewn Achkan for a long time.

He said that he would humbly request the Supreme Court to hear corruption cases against the Sharif family as they have destroyed the FIA. FIA officer Dr. Rizwan died of heart attack. Gaya, this should also be investigated. The Sharif family, the other investigating officer hearing the case against Shahbaz Sharif has also suffered a heart attack. Investigate this too.

He said that the Supreme Court should take this case to itself as these are daytime robberies, there are cases against them worth Rs 40 billion. General Musharraf gave NRO to these two parties for the corruption they have committed in the past. All their corruption cases have been pardoned. If they get NRO again, then there will be dacoity rule in the country, no one will be afraid of committing dacoity and corruption.

He said that now it is the responsibility of the judges of the Supreme Court to hear their cases, the Supreme Court to hear their cases on a daily basis.

He said that there has been a joke in the world that father and son should have been sentenced a year ago but they kept prolonging the cases. Our justice system could not punish them. When the punishment started, the father became the Prime Minister. He dismissed all the investigating officers and his son was ready to become the Chief Minister of Punjab.

He said that in all these circumstances, I would request the Supreme Court to hear the case of Sharif family itself, we have no confidence in anyone else.

He said that we will not allow thieves to impose on us under any circumstances, we only want one thing, elections, hold elections and let the people of Pakistan decide who will lead this country, we on behalf of America Do not accept the imposed government.

He said that I will give you the date of arrival in Islamabad and you all have to reach Islamabad, I will give you some date of the same month and what day will it be? Your captain is planning very thoughtfully. Is.

He said that people should promise me that they will not vote for any party or person whose money and property is lying outside the country.

He said that when former president Asif Ali Zardari went out to meet someone, he was told that shaking hands with him would steal the fingers of his hand, he knew where his money was. How much corruption, they can never talk with their eyes in their eyes, they can never say absolutely, they can never refuse to give base to America, they are slaves of money and their money is out, it When they go out, they tremble.

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He said that only one loot came out of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. When they were returning, they were making deals of conscience. I had explained to them not to humiliate yourself, people would make fun of you Along with it will be written loot, the wives of your sons will say that your father was looted, curse on the money that can be obtained by selling conscience.

He said that on one side there was PPP and PML-N which was buying people, on the other side there was PTI, we do not buy any loot and we do not forgive any loot.

He said that he thanked the people of Kohat for the splendid meeting. Shehryar Afridi’s management was so weak that nothing could be seen. The lights were dim.

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