October 2, 2023

Viral: The doorbell camera exposed that my date has a girlfriend

viral video

An unlucky girl has shared a video of the moment in which she allegedly revealed her date as a cheater using a doorbell camera, causing him to go nuts. It has subsequently received an incredible 8.8 MILLION views and 1.5 MILLION likes.

The cheat can be seen arriving at her home for their date in the first of two recordings, but he is supposedly on the phone with his lover. He heard saying on the phone, “I’ll see you later, I promise. I need to eat with my parents first,” He added, “OK, OK, bye baby. I love you.”

TikToker shared the video with the captioned, “If ur bf goes by justin, lives in oc, and drives a white honda, i have news for u.”

In a horrifying second video, the guy can be seen attempting to contact the woman while she chats to him through the video doorbell stating she is not at home, but the man isn’t having it.

He screams at her, “I’ve been trying to understand but can’t wrap my mind around why you had to tell my girlfriend and make this whole big-ass mess.” He also shouts at her, “I know you’re in there, there has to be a key.”

The woman hits back: “I can’t really understand why you took me out on a date when you had a girlfriend!”

The woman, terrified, swears she’ll contact the cops, and the cheat flees for his life.

Users flocked to the video to voice their reactions, with many expressing outrages at the man’s actions.

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