September 24, 2023

Viral pic: 10-year-old Manipur girl attends class while babysitting her sister

viral photo

A photo of a little Manipur girl going to school while watching her younger sister has gone popular on the internet.

Meiningsinliu Pamei, a 10-year-old girl from Tamenglong, Manipur, was babysitting her sister while attending school in the now-viral photo.

Meiningsinliu went to class while her parents were out farming, and her baby sister slept in her arms. Biswajit Thongam was inspired by the little girl’s commitment and tweeted the photo on his official Twitter account.

Manipur’s Minister for Power and Forest Biswajit Thongam shared the photograph on Twitter reads the caption of the post, “Her dedication to education is what left me amazed! This 10-year-old girl named Meiningsinliu Pamei from Tamenglong, Manipur attends school babysitting her sister, as her parents were out for farming & studies while keeping her younger sister in her lap.”

Check out the post to the link below:

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