September 24, 2023

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Michelle Williams is just as acceptable as the movie story. (Voluntarily).

Venom- Let There Be Carnage

Some time ago, when the time came, Marvel’s new and old movies were seen which were left behind due to various reasons. Here I will only talk about how many hopes are attached to a film and what comes out.

1. Venom

If you’ve watched Toby Maguire’s third film in the Spider-Man series, you’ll know about Venom. This is a symbiote.

 First of all, I would like to know about Simbi Oasis from which this name was given. If you remember the biology of Matric, you can skip this paragraph. There are three types of Simbi oasis. The first is parasitism, which benefits one organism and harms another. Obviously, parasites are beneficial. The second type is mutualism in which both living beings benefit and both are helping each other to somehow get or digest food. The third type is common sales in which one benefits and the other neither benefits nor harms.

Now that Venom is called Symbi Out, it needs a host, otherwise it could die. And not just one of its kind, but many different types of ombudsmen come or go with it from space. In which category should they be placed? That question remains.

Because he was in a relationship with Spider-Man, but it was the only movie with this character, so far he could not convince himself to watch it. Secondly, I like its shape and not my eating habits.

Eddie Brock was also a character connected to Spider-Man. But the beauty with which it is made into a film is a bold step in itself.

Now one is a hero or superhero, the other is a villain. Venom goes into the third type of anti-hero. All I know about the anti-hero is that he is a hero but he is no less than a villain in murder. He becomes a judge and punishes. Or the other definition is that he is either a villain or a hero. Examples include Puncher, Deadpool, Scarlet Witch, Moon Knight, Magneto, Blade, Ghost Rider, and more. So that’s what Venom does …

Why are Venom and his associates brought here?

What is their purpose?

Why is Venom being ignored instead of the rest?

Take a look at the movie for all this.

As for the cast, Tom Hardy was a very strong villain in the Dark Knight (Batman series). As a hero (or anti-hero) it seemed difficult to accept his form. Spreads may look good. Or with a full fairy beard.

Michelle Williams is just as acceptable as the movie story. (Voluntarily).

Well, let’s get this over with.

Yesterday I liked this movie. It also entertains a lot. For some, it may even be nonsense.

2. Venom: Let There Be Carnage

If one film is released, the other must be made. Then Sony seems to be convinced to give at least two movies to each character in the superhero genre. (I think so)

 So this is a story beyond that. In this story, a serial killer Cleats Cassidy has to be executed by injection of poison but he is set free … How?

It also has a number of symbiosis inside which saves the culprit. His name is Carnegie. Simbi Oats, or at least Venom’s fault, is that he gets very angry. There is no such thing as expediency. He has a special relationship with Eddie Brock which is why he is making a living. So here it is that due to a mistake of Venom, some part of it goes inside the cleats and it grows young inside it. And also becomes the enemy of Venom.

What Carnegie Flowers?

How does Venom cope with this?

What happens to them? Etc. will have to watch the movie.

Being able to write such a good story with limited characters and move it forward is no less of a challenge. This challenge seems to be met with the limited expectations associated with this film.

If you want to see a good time pass. And if you’re a comic book fan, this is a must see.

See you next month with comments on another movie or drama.

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