September 24, 2023

United Kingdom: Queen Elizabeth complains of difficulty walking

Buckingham Palace has not said whether the queen tested positive for the corona virus.

Queen Elizabeth

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II complained of body problems during her engagement on Wednesday.
According to the media, while welcoming two senior navy officers at Windsor Castle, Queen Elizabeth can be heard in a video saying that she is complaining of difficulty in movement.
“You can see I can’t move,” Queen Elizabeth told the officers.

During a meeting with officers in the oak room of her West London residence, Queen Elizabeth was pointing to her left leg or toe, saying it was painful.
No statement was made by Buckingham Palace regarding the Queen’s plight.
In the video, it is clear that the queen was not in a bad mood, nor was she hurt, but she was feeling tight.
Concerns were also being raised about the queen being infected with the corona virus, as the corona virus was confirmed two days after her eldest son, Prince Charles, met her.
The virus was later confirmed in Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles, after which the couple went into isolation.
Buckingham Palace has not said whether the queen tested positive for the corona virus.
On Tuesday, the queen met with new diplomats stationed in Estonia and Spain in the UK via an online link from Windsor Castle.
Earlier this month, the queen celebrated her 70th birthday. On this occasion, a function was organized for the locals in Sandringham, a property of Queen Elizabeth in East England.
It was his biggest public event since spending one night in hospital last year due to a health problem.
However, Buckingham Palace was criticized for not being transparent on the issue. Palace later said he had spent a night in hospital in October seeking some tests.

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