September 22, 2023

Underground storage, Iran showed drones but hid the location

According to the correspondent, “I was blindfolded and taken off after arriving there.”


The Iranian military has provided some details about the drone base, but did not say where it was located.

Iranian state media as saying that the news came at a time when tensions in the Gulf are rising.

Iran’s state-run television reported that “100 drones have been stationed in the mountains of Zargouz, including the Ababil 5, which is said to be a US air-to-ground helicopter helper.” Is the Iranian version of

Iranian Commander Major General Abdul Rahim Mousavi has said that “there is no doubt that the drones of the Islamic Republic of Iran are the most powerful drones in the region.” Our ability to make them better cannot be overstated. “

Iran’s state-run television said on Thursday it had flown 45 minutes by helicopter from Kermanshah to western Iran and reached the underground drone site.

According to the correspondent, “I was blindfolded and taken off after arriving there.”

TV footage shows long lines of drones, with missiles, in the tunnels.

This place is said to be several hundred meters below the ground.

The TV report comes a day after two Greek tankers were seized in the Gulf by Iranian Revolutionary Guards, apparently in retaliation for an incident in which the United States seized Iranian oil from a tanker off the Greek coast. ۔

Greek authorities last month intercepted an Iranian-flagged ship carrying 19 Russian crew members due to EU sanctions.

The United States later planned to seize Iranian oil on board the ship and send it to another ship, after which the ship was abandoned, but the incident escalated tensions.

The incident comes at a time when Iran and world powers are trying to revive a nuclear deal that was scrapped by former US President Donald Trump and re-imposed sanctions on Tehran.

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