September 23, 2023

Twitter users can now vote for the new Oscar Fan Favorite Award

This raised fears that most moviegoers would avoid watching the March 27 event.


In other words, people’s favorite films often do not become part of the world’s best film awards and that is why the number of viewers at the event is declining every year.

But now you too can make your favorite movie worthy of this award.

Yes, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has partnered with Twitter for the 94th Oscar Awards and added a new category of fan favorites.

In this category, people will be able to vote for the most popular film of the year.

The announcement was made at a time when various blockbuster films such as Spider-Man, No Way Home and No Time to Die were not included in the main categories of the awards, including the best film.

This raised fears that most moviegoers would avoid watching the March 27 event.

But now they have a chance to win any film released in 2021 with the hashtag #OscarsFanFavorite on Twitter or by voting on the academy’s website.

Oscar’s TV ratings have dropped dramatically in recent years, and last year’s event was watched by just over 10 million viewers, 56 percent less than in 2020.

Even in 2018, the Oscar Awards management had proposed a popular film category, but it was not implemented due to criticism from critics.

Now even the new Fan Favorite Award has not been made an official Oscar category.

According to Twitter, the partnership will help moviegoers show their love for their favorite movie.

People can vote 20 times a day until March 3, and 3 of them will be selected and invited to the Oscars next year.

In another poll, voters will be asked to choose their favorite movie moments.

The 5 most popular of these will be screened at the Oscars.

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