September 24, 2023

Time loop Science fiction movies that you love to watch again and again

​​Time Loop which look new even after watching it again and again and if you have seen them then you must watch

best movies

Usually the characters in such films go through a day or an experience over and over again for whatever reason and try to determine what needs to be done to get out of it.

The best movies based on the same interesting idea of ​​Time Loop which look new even after watching it again and again and if you have seen them then you must watch them once.

 Happy Death Day – 2017

Whether it is called a horror or a thriller, you decide for yourself. Well, this movie shows a girl waking up on her birthday and being killed at night.

But as soon as he is killed, his eyes open again on the morning of his birthday and he is killed again at night.

This happens many times and each time she is killed in a different way, while trying to identify her killer in order to escape this cycle.

The story of this movie is very interesting which may make you watch it again and again.

Looper – 2012

This action movie is a thriller based on the idea of ​​time travel which confuses the minds of the viewers whether you will stop a fad if you have to stop it.

And what happens when you are a villain? In this film, Bruce Wells and Joseph Gordon have played the role of the same killer in different roles.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform, as the two meet unexpectedly on a journey through time.

Source Code – 2011

When you start watching this movie, it immediately becomes clear that it has a very unique story that presents a very fantastic world.

In which the events of a particular time of the same day are repeatedly shown and the main character goes through this painful journey again and again to gather information about the person involved in a terrorist incident.

It not only shows the present and past events but also its ending is very unique which does not allow people to move from their seats. Attempting to stop an explosion by time travel of a person maintains suspense till the end.

Edge Of Tomorrow – 2014

It is a film based on a Japanese novel depicting a space creature invading Earth, during which a cowardly soldier (Tom Cruise) is killed, but as soon as he dies he wakes up early in the day. Is and is a frequent part of the war.

Why this happens and how he succeeds in defeating space creatures has to do with watching and that is why this movie will definitely meet your standards.

Groundhog Day – 1993

In fact, it could even be considered the beginning of a time-lapse film featuring a weatherman who has repeatedly won Ground Hog Day.

As a result of this unique cycle of time, he becomes a better person than before and all this does not allow him to take his eyes off the film.

Before I Fall – 2017

In this movie, a young girl is killed in a car accident and then her eyes are opened on the morning of the same day.

February 12 becomes the girl’s last day and this cycle goes on and on until she sets her goal.

Unraveling the mystery surrounding her death reveals to her all that she had lost.

The lives of two guests attending a wedding change as they repeatedly go through the same time loop on the same day.

After being forced to live the same day again and again, the girl tries to get out of this situation.

This romance / science fiction film is full of comedy and the story is so interesting that even watching it over and over again does not fill the heart.

About Time – 2013

Basically this is not a time loop movie but it is definitely close enough.

It is the story of a man who knows in his youth that he has inherited a talent and that is time travel.

He can go back in time and as a result he gets a chance to reconnect with his past girlfriend.

But as a result of trying to change the past, he faces difficulties, until he has to prepare for defeat or the only solution is to go back.

The Fare – 2018

In this movie, a taxi driver repeatedly picks up the same passenger and he disappears before getting off while the driver forgets about him.

This happens when she remembers the passenger’s name and tells him that she has traveled in his taxi at least 100 times.

When the driver realizes that he is stuck in a time loop, then the story goes through several ups and downs that are shocking.

Boss Leavel – 2021

The main character in the film is shown trapped in a time loop, in which several assassins try to kill him and he has to be trained to kill people like a video game in order to digest death from their hands.

You will love the story of the movie.

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