October 2, 2023

Three amazing iPhone hacks everyone should know

Three amazing iPhone hacks everyone should know

YOUR iPhone is packed with hidden secrets – and there are three you need to learn today.

Even if you’ve had an iPhone for years, it’s possible that you won’t know some of these tricks.

You can move pictures from Google Images just by dragging on themCredit: TikTok / @katamogz / Apple

These hacks all relate to photos and the camera.

The tricks were shared by TikTok tech genius @katamogz, who regularly posts clever iPhone hacks.

Her latest video has racked up thousands of likes, revealing three little-known iPhone features.

The first trick is to do with copying and pasting photos.

First, open an image – it could be in your browser or in the Photos app.

Then pinch three fingers together.

This is actually a little-known Apple gesture to “copy” an image.

Next go into an app where you want to send the image – like WhatsApp.

Hit the chat bar where you’d normally enter text, and then spread three fingers outwards – like the opposite of a pinch.

This is how you quickly “paste” an image, or text if you prefer.

The second trick is a clever way of quickly taking burst photos or videos.

Open the camera app and then tap and swipe left on the shutter button, keeping your finger held down.

This will take burst photos for as long as you’re holding your finger down.

You can also swipe right on the shutter button to activate video instead.

And the third trick is a quick way to move lots of photos at once.

Simply go into your Photos app and hold your finger down on a photo.

Then without release, navigate to a Messages chat and drop the image on the char bar.

The photo you chose will then appear in Messages.

You can even select and hold multiple photos at once.

And lots of apps support this feature, so you can share to multiple places.

It doesn’t just work from the Photos app either.

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