September 24, 2023

Those who share immoral videos on social media will be arrested:Rana Sanaullah

The Interior Ministry has issued instructions to the FIA ​​and relevant agencies in this regard.

Rana sanaullah

Pakistan’s Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that it has been decided to crack down on those who defame people with obscene and immoral videos on social media.

A statement issued by the Interior Ministry on Friday said that those who spread immoral content on social media would be arrested.

According to the statement, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed that such material should not be tolerated.

The Home Minister said that social media would not be allowed to be used to lift people’s turbans.

He said that such incidents should be prevented in which such material is used for blackmailing.

“We will deal with those involved in such criminal activities with iron fists,” the statement said. We will wipe out those who spread this kind of filth, including immoral videos and pictures.

The Interior Ministry has issued instructions to the FIA ​​and relevant agencies in this regard.

It may be recalled that during the PTI visit to the government in October last year, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication had issued Social Media Rules 2021 which would ban live streaming of extremism, terrorism, hate speech, immoral and violent content. ۔

Former Federal Minister for Information Technology Aminul Haq had told the media in a briefing on the amended rules that the publication of immoral content would also be an arrestable crime, and social media outlets would be obliged to remove the content against Pakistan’s dignity and security.

“Content related to the privacy of others will also be banned and negative content related to any person will not be uploaded,” he said.

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