September 22, 2023

This movie will definitely like you

Since actors did not know anything about the story, the stress present in their act was real.

movie review

Yes very little budget science fiction psychological thriller film coherence you will definitely like.

Indeed, this movie will not be free to see you many times.

The film is very simple, a few friends are gathered at an invitation of dinner when a mysterious planet is going to pass above this place.

The film starts between friends, jokes and other aspects and gradually everything seems to be mysterious when the light goes.

On this occasion, 2 friends come to candles and many glue sticks, after which all the friends take the blue glue stick and get out of the house.

They observe the passage of the planet and then when they return to the house a glass gets broken.

To check it, 2 people rotate across the house and come back, they are wound on their faces, while they have a drink, which has a ping pong pedal and pictures of them all.

After that, something seems to be where they are while others are worried about who they are and this movie has come to the reality of their terrorist.

Ahead of it, then the full fun of the movie will be worse because something that happens will be enough to rotate your minds.

A few interesting things

The film is very interesting, but its curtains are also hidden a few interesting facts.

It is difficult to believe that the film’s budget was just $ 50,000, while its shooting was completed in 5 days.

Similarly, it is also surprising that the film was not the script, according to the director James Ward Barrack, every day actors are provided to their characters according to their characters, such as their backs or details of their ambitions etc.

Since actors did not know anything about the story, the stress present in their act was real.

The film’s advancing team consisted of 5 people, 2 sounds were handling, a director of photography, director and producer.

The film’s divergence director was in his house and was the birth of the child in his pregnant wife, but on the condition of completing shooting in 5 days, he was ready to hand over the house.

An actress working in the film believed that it is a comedy movie and on the third day of shooting, they came to know that it is not such a science fiction thriller.

During the reflection in the film, the actors were allowed where they could be.

The director did not tell how the passage of the passage of the planet was just told that it was a practical factory.

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