September 23, 2023

Thieves must be defeated in by-elections despite their umpires: Imran Khan

Imran Khan said, “How did you allow those who looted this country to take NRO? Shouldn’t you take notice?”


Former Prime Minister and Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that a conspiracy was hatched against Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq of Pakistan against our government.

Addressing a rally at the Parade Ground in Islamabad on Saturday against inflation and government measures, Imran Khan said that the only purpose of his exit was to “disapprove of the imported government”.

“I wanted to prove that if they had not committed this atrocity on May 25, there would have been a sea of ​​people coming up with a slogan saying ‘Imported government is unacceptable’. The nation does not recognize the United States or these bandits.

“On the morning of May 26, I decided that we would not allow the sit-in because I knew that the people were angry with the police and the Rangers because they had abused women and children,” he said.

“I was against the imported government which removed the elected government. Big bandits were imposed on us. I wanted to send a message about what the nation wants. “

Imran Khan said that there was to be chaos that evening. My nation had to stand up to the Rangers and the police. I thought the people were mine, the police were mine and the Rangers were mine. “

The former prime minister said, “I know what you are trying to do. You want us to stand up to our military and our judiciary. “

“One problem is that the United States conspired and the other problem is that this nation was insulted so much that big bandits were imposed on the country.”

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “My question to the Pakistani institutions is how did you allow these bandits to impose on us?”

“I ask the institutions that I alone have a contract against corruption. If you let such people sit, the country will be destroyed.

“Allah will ask the neutrals that it is good that you want to remain neutral but you have the power. How did you allow these thieves to rule the country?”

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “Whoever imposed these dacoits on us, Allah will hold them accountable.”

“They have stolen before and now they have taken another NRO. Now by amending the NAB, Rs. 1100 billion has been saved. I ask the institutions of this country that this is not your Pakistan. The job of the judiciary is to establish the rule of law.

The PTI chairman said, “I respectfully ask if it happens that the accused becomes a judge.” Shahbaz Sharif should sit on FIA, sit on NAB and commit robbery of Rs 1100 billion.

“Allah will ask the judges to tell me whether you have done justice to my land or not.” Did you bring the powerful under the law or not? The nation is destroyed where the little thief goes to jail and the powerful survive.

Imran Khan said, “How did you allow those who looted this country to take NRO? Shouldn’t you take notice?”

Listen to the imported government, listen to Cherry Blossom, listen to Diesel, listen to Asif Zardari that our life and death is in Pakistan. Imran Khan has no property outside. Everything is sold, now life and death are here. ‘

He said that the life and death of the imported government is not in Pakistan. When Nawaz Sharif’s accountability begins, he leaves the country. Now he is waiting for the NRO to come back.

“It doesn’t matter if the country goes down. They go out. When Asif Zardari came to power, he sent a message to the United States through Hussain Haqqani that I should be saved from the Pakistani army.
“They did not allow us to protest,” Imran Khan said. The nation, including Lahore, Karachi and Multan, has come out and is sending a message to the institutions that it is still time to save this country from thieves. Don’t let the game get out of our hands. “

“Let the whole nation be ready. Punjab will win the by-elections by rigging. The people are not with them, the umpires are with them. We have to defeat these thieves in spite of their umpires.

He said that when Nawaz Sharif went to India, the Hurriyat leaders did not want Narendra Modi to get angry. He met Narendra Modi in secret from the army and invited him to his wedding.

“I want to convince the youth that we want independence from the British,” he said. The system worked well in the British era. The rule of law prevailed. We asked for freedom because we do not bow down to anyone but Allah.

“We want to convey the message that the nation will never recognize American slaves,” he said.

“Today I want to send a message to everyone that if anyone thinks that our nation will accept those who worship money, it will not happen.”

The former prime minister said that the whole nation should be ready. Punjab will win the by-elections by rigging. The people are not with them, the umpire is with them. We have to beat them despite the umpires.

The police and Rangers who shelled the women and children feared they would lose their jobs. He shelled out his job.

A documentary on Imran Khan’s political and cricket career and video clips of various statements by government leaders were also shown during the parade ground rally.

On the other hand, arrangements were also made to install big screens and show speeches in different cities of the country.

On the other hand, there was severe disorder in the PTI meeting. Workers broke into the women’s enclave and mobile phones of journalists and media workers, including participants, were stolen. The disappearance of mobile phones from the stage was also announced.

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