September 24, 2023

“There is no case of kidnapping,” the court allowed Dua Zahra to decide

The court asked Dua Zahra to meet her parents. At this question, Dua Zahra burst into tears and replied that she did not want to meet.

Dua Zahra

Sindh High Court has reserved judgment on the medical report of Dua Zahra, a girl recovered from Punjab province of Pakistan.

Dua Zahra and her husband were produced in the Sindh High Court on Wednesday where the girl was allowed to meet her parents. Dua Zehra’s mother fainted while crying while meeting her daughter.

At the beginning of the hearing, the Advocate General while presenting the medical report of Dua Zahra in the court said that according to the report, Dua Zahra is about 17 years old.

Petitioner’s lawyer argued that “according to all the documents, the girl is 14 years old.”

Justice Junaid Ghaffar remarked, “Show it all in the trial court. There was a recovery case which ended.”
The Prosecutor General requested the court to dispose of the petition. A challan has also been filed in the trial court.

The Advocate General told the court that the two were to appear in Lahore on June 10.

The court asked Dua Zahra to meet her parents. At this question, Dua Zahra burst into tears and replied that she did not want to meet.

However, the Sindh High Court allowed Dua Zahra’s mother to meet her in the chamber.
After the meeting, the mother said, “My daughter said in the meeting that she wants to go home and will now make a statement in court.”

Advocate General Sindh requested that custody be handed over to Punjab Police so that it could be produced in Lahore High Court.

The petitioner said that the case is pending here.

Addressing the petitioner’s counsel, the court said, “The girl has already stated why you are getting emotional.”

The court questioned Dua Zahra’s father, “Do you want to say something?”

Dua Zahra’s father said, “I have been married for 17 years. How can my daughter be 17 years old?”
Justice Junaid Ghaffar said, “We have the statement of Dua Zahra. We have to look at the decisions of the Supreme Court and the Federal Shariah Court.

Sindh High Court has reserved judgment in Dua Zahra case which will be announced on Wednesday.
On the order of Sindh High Court, a medical test was conducted to determine the age of Dua Zahra.
According to the Police Surgeon Age Certificate, the age of Dua Zahra was determined by Dr. Larib Gul, Medical Officer, Civil Hospital, Karachi.

Chief Radiologist Dr. Saba Jamil says that the age of Dua Zahra’s bones is more than 17 years.

On the other hand, Dua Zahra’s father was of the view that his daughter is 14 years old, so according to the law, they cannot get married. He demanded the extradition of his daughter.

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