September 24, 2023

The world should not take the threat of nuclear war lightly: Russia warns

After failing to capture the capital, Kiev, Moscow launched a major offensive last week in an attempt to seize the eastern provinces, known as Donbass.


Russia has said that “the world should not underestimate the danger of a serious nuclear war, it is worth considering.”

According to British media, Russia has warned that conventional Western weapons are legitimate targets in Ukraine, where fierce fighting has taken place in the eastern regions.

According to a transcript of an interview on the ministry’s website, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Russian state television that “the threats are now under consideration.”

“I do not want to artificially increase these risks,” he said. The danger is serious and real. We must not underestimate it. “

Sergei Lavrov was asked about the importance of avoiding World War III.
After the Russian Foreign Minister’s interview, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Koliba wrote on his Twitter account that “Russia has lost its last hope of intimidating the world by supporting Ukraine.” That means Moscow has a sense of defeat. “

During a visit to Kiev on Sunday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin pledged more military aid to Ukraine.

The US State Department on Monday urgently approved the possible sale of ڈالر 165 million worth of ammunition to Ukraine.

The Pentagon said the package could include artillery ammunition for howitzers, tanks and grenade launchers.

Moscow’s ambassador to Washington has called on the United States to halt the shipment, warning that “Western weapons are fueling the conflict.”

Sergei Lavrov said: “NATO is engaged in a proxy war with Russia and is arming this proxy. War means war. “

Russia has not yet captured any major cities. His forces had to retreat from the outskirts of Kiev after fierce resistance.

President Vladimir Zelensky said on Monday that “it is clear that every day, and especially today, the third month of our resistance has begun, everyone in Ukraine is worried about when it will all end.” At the moment, there is no easy answer.

After failing to capture the capital, Kiev, Moscow launched a major offensive last week in an attempt to seize the eastern provinces, known as Donbass.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said its missiles destroyed six railway installations used to deliver foreign weapons to Ukrainian forces in the eastern Donbass region.

Ukraine’s military command in the southern and eastern sectors said Ukrainian forces had repulsed five Russian attacks and killed 200 Russian soldiers.

The statement said that along with eight armored vehicles, five tanks were also destroyed.
Ukraine’s presidential aide, Oleksiy Aristovich, said in a statement that “the Russian army continues to bomb and shell the vast Azovostel steel plant in Mariupol on Monday.”

Russia has said it is opening a humanitarian corridor for civilians to exit the plant, but Kiev has said no such agreement was reached.

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