September 23, 2023

The United States will send more troops to Europe

NATO leaders agreed to send more than 300,000 more troops to dangerous areas.


US President Joe Biden has promised to send more supplies to Europe, including more troops and warships, as NATO countries agree on measures to deal with any situation following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

At the Madrid summit, Joe Biden’s commitment to “protect every inch of his allies” came as the US-led military coalition planned to protect the Baltic states and Poland from future Russian aggression. ۔

More British and allied troops will be deployed to the east. The United States will also increase the number of security personnel already in Europe by 100,000, as well as provide more warships to Spain and defense cooperation with Romania and the Baltic states.

“We mean that attacking one means attacking everyone,” Biden said.

However, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has downplayed the possibility of a confrontation between NATO and Russia.

“There is no danger of any military confrontation. We should be prepared, but there is no such threat
The Baltic states are working to increase the number of NATO troops tenfold before Russia invades Ukraine, as well as to defend air and sea borders.

For the first time since the Cold War, such large-scale measures are being taken.

NATO agreed on Wednesday on fewer points, but that means that in addition to more allied troops in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, military equipment, weapons and ammunition will be sent, while a system for the fastest reinforcements has been set up. Will go

NATO leaders agreed to send more than 300,000 more troops to dangerous areas.

Earlier, the coalition relied on fewer troops and had about 40,000 troops to respond to Russian or any other attack.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference

“By invading Ukraine, the Russian president has disrupted law and order throughout Europe and created the biggest crisis there since World War II, to which NATO will respond with unity and force.”

According to the report, the United States will also build a new military headquarters in Poland, which has been praised by the Polish government.

Polish President Andrzej Duda says the US military headquarters will help deal with any difficult situation.
Russia is believed to have invaded neighboring Ukraine on February 24 and has been fighting since. Currently, the United States and the Western world are supporting Ukraine, while Ukraine has been given the status of a candidate to join the European Union.

Since then, Russian attacks have intensified, with President Putin saying the war will continue until the Ukrainian army surrenders.

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