September 23, 2023

The Ukraine conflict is a major threat to the economy and world peace

Ukraine is located on the northern border of Europe, bordering Russia.


The United States and Russia are locked in a tug-of-war over the Ukraine conflict, and no one is ready to back down at this point in time. Are running Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of trying to drag Russia into a war over Ukraine. Russia’s development is being hampered by “extraordinary diplomatic activity.” The Hungarian president arrived in Russia, while the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, visited Ukraine and met with the president. A joint news conference later said that “Ukraine’s war will not be confined to the region, it will engulf the whole of Europe.” At a Security Council meeting in the last week of January, the United States openly accused Russia of He is preparing to invade Ukraine and wants to occupy it. “Russia’s military presence on the Ukrainian border is the largest military operation in Europe since World War II,” said Thomas Green, the US permanent representative to the Security Council. Russia is not launching an attack at all, but all this noise is being made by the drunken United States and its allies to create war hysteria, which is interference in Russia’s internal affairs, which will not be tolerated. ” One month ago, Russia deployed 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian-Russian border, while heavy artillery, missiles and tanks were also sent to the border. Russia also conducted military exercises in the region.

Diplomatic activities are also underway on the Ukraine conflict. Russia and the US Secretary of State have begun talks on the burning issue, with the US Secretary of State saying “Washington has received suggestions from Moscow to normalize the situation in Ukraine.” The key question is, what does the Russian president want from this military pressure or diplomatic process? There are many possible answers to this question, but most experts agree that Russia actually wants assurances from the West that Ukraine will not join NATO. The reason is obviously that he does not want to see NATO forces on his border. But the United States has once again rejected this demand of Russia. If President Putin’s words are not obeyed, will Russia invade Ukraine? This question is becoming more and more important because of the potential for global peace and pressure on the global economy. Has happened? Russia’s permanent representative to the Security Council has stated that “the United Nations has not yet confirmed that Russia is going to take military action. Increasing the number of troops on its borders is an internal matter of Russia, on which the United States and the West are misleading the world public opinion. While the US envoy said that “there is a diplomatic solution to the conflict, however, if Russia invades Ukraine and tries to occupy it, the United States will give a full and decisive response, which The consequences will be dire. “

Ukraine is located on the northern border of Europe, bordering Russia. The southern part of the population is largely Russian-speaking. This was a blow to the West and to NATO, the pain of which they are still feeling today. It was considered the most embarrassing defeat of Obama’s eight-year rule, which did irreparable damage to the image of his power and rule. Now neither the United States nor Europe would want to repeat the tradition of the past in the region. In the wake of the aggressive foreign policy measures announced last year, tolerating any Russian initiative would be tantamount to a U.S. vote. Will not present as thigh. After retreating from Ukraine and occupying Crimea, Obama continued to retreat in every field and region. The United States and the West, despite loud claims, lost to Putin in Syria, which led to the victory of Bashar al-Assad. The economy has been shaken and is still struggling to recover. Russia wants to avoid sanctions at all costs this time around. According to experts, Russia took the initiative in the recent conflict in Ukraine and brought troops to the border. One possibility is that President Putin will invade and occupy Ukraine, which means it will be a full-fledged war. Another option would be for them to annex the Russian-speaking territory and occupy it like Crimea. It is possible that Ukrainians, with the help of separatists, will liberate an area and continue their attacks on Ukraine from there. All of these options have their own price, which Russia will have to pay anyway. If President Putin decides on a major or minor war, he fears that Ukraine may become another Afghanistan for him. Will be plunged into war, the first attack by a non-European power on an elected European government since 1940. For Russia, this war could prove to be a quagmire from which it is impossible to get out. Military occupation of another country would be unacceptable and illegal. It is called the “Paris Agreement”. Russia and the United States had to leave Afghanistan because of this agreement. This was the background of the American withdrawal from Iraq and this agreement led to the independence of Vietnam. The biggest effect of this global agreement was that it brought an end to the colonial system. Now no country, no other country or nation can be subjugated by military force. That is why many countries do not recognize military governments. And they are banned. The situation in Myanmar and Sudan is clear. Egypt’s military government is also in trouble. Now the competition is in the economic field.

There are two more important aspects to the Ukraine conflict. One is Russia’s interest in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal and the other is the possible effects of the war on the global economy. It was said that Afghanistan’s neighboring Central Asian states, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and China would form a powerful forum in the region. They would also bail out Afghanistan’s economy. However, the world saw that nothing like that happened. Afghanistan and Pakistan are still appealing for help from Western countries and the United States. Against this background, Russia’s role in the Ukraine conflict shows how important Afghanistan is in its policy. We were accusing Europe and the United States of turning a blind eye to the humanitarian tragedy in Afghanistan. Now the seriousness of Russia can be seen, for which European affairs are more important than Afghanistan. This means that Expectations from Russia to be active in Afghanistan are no longer met. Deploying 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border in the bitter cold is no small burden on Moscow’s economy. President Putin They have won the games in Crimea and Syria and will not take any action that would affect Russia’s economic interests. He is also working on an agenda for the restoration of the former Soviet Union, and he knows that the Afghan war played a key role in the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Russia is one of the world’s leading oil and gas suppliers and Europe’s largest supplier. Therefore, President Putin would not like to leave this stable and vast market, on which his economy depends, even though Russia has 600 600 billion in foreign exchange reserves, which gave it the shock of a short-lived war. But given that Russia is also the largest exporter of wheat, it is followed by Ukraine. Countries like Pakistan. Fed up with the effects of rising global prices, if the supply of goods is disrupted, it is possible to predict what the situation will be like in these countries. It is not necessary to be an economist to understand. Both the world economy and world peace cannot afford a confrontation between the great powers. The box will open and then no one will be able to stop this. The recent return of the US from Afghanistan and then the situation of the people there. Explain how the world is interconnected. China is constantly advising the United States and Russia to stay away from any confrontation, which suggests that it is neutral in this conflict. The powerhouse wants to see a position similar to that of the former Soviet Union, and it does not like the defeat of Russia, which would make the Western powers superior to Europe.

   The great powers and the developed nations have learned a great deal from the world wars and conflicts. At least so much so that even if they get involved in any conflict, their economy is not harmed. The United States withdrew from Afghanistan eighteen years later. Many experts called it a defeat, but the fact remains that it did not cause any significant damage to the US economy or reduce its superpower status. It is still the most important in world affairs. Islamabad is appealing to him to help the Afghan people, so the Taliban are saying, “We have done so much, we have established peace, now it is up to the US to decide what else to do.” With regard to the Ukraine conflict, it is safe to say that diplomatic efforts will be successful, bitterness will continue, but there is no danger of a major confrontation. Once President Putin has seen the Soviet Union disintegrate, he will not be willing to take any more risks.

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