October 2, 2023

The Indian hijab girl became a symbol of female resistance

Miskan said she would continue to fight for her right to wear the hijab.

Indian hijab girl

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In the Indian state of Karnataka, a Muslim girl chanting slogans in front of a crowd instead of leaving her place despite being harassed after her educational institution has started trending ‘Allah Akbar’ in India and Pakistan to show solidarity with her smile.

The recent incident in Odupi area of ​​Karnataka comes at a time when Muslim students have reacted strongly against the ban on hijab in educational institutions.

In the last few days, female students have been protesting in several places in the state demanding lifting of ban on hijab.

Protests over the hijab and the backlash against it escalated to the point that all schools and colleges in the state were declared closed for three days on Tuesday.

The Karnataka Chief Minister in a Twitter message appealed to the students, teachers and the administration of educational institutions, including locals, to maintain law and order, while announcing the closure of all high schools and colleges and appealed to the concerned persons to cooperate. Is.

“I was not allowed inside the college because I was in burqa.”

Talking to Indian News Channel NDTV, Miskan said that she was not worried, she had gone to college to submit her assignment. But the mob did not allow him to enter because he was wearing a burqa.

On this occasion, they shouted slogans in front of me, in response to which I started shouting Allahu Akbar.

He was asked if he had seen the protesters before. In response, Muskan said, “Ten percent will be from the college, while the rest will be external elements.”

Miskan said she would continue to fight for her right to wear the hijab.

The student of Mandia Pre-University College continued shouting Allah Akbar in front of the crowd till some members of the administration rescued her from the crowd.

“Our education is our priority, they are ruining our education,” said the second-year commerce student.

Referring to the ban on hijab in various cities of Karnataka and the subsequent protests by Muslim students, Muskan said, “We used to wear burqa and hijab all the time. I used to take off my burqa while wearing hijab in class. It’s part of our personality, we were never stopped by the principal but outsiders started it. “

The principal told us not to wear burqa but we will continue our struggle for hijab, it is part of the personality of a Muslim girl.

While sharing videos and photos of the incident with a smile on social media, while supporters of the ruling party BJP are criticizing him and those who support the hijab, other circles are different in expressing solidarity with him. Adopting style.

A video that went viral on the issue shows smiles passing through the parking lot as a mob of men wearing BJP flag-colored mufflers approached them and chanted slogans, in response to smiles. They also stop there and start chanting ‘Allah Akbar’ loudly

Protests over the hijab in the state began last month when Odupi’s Government Girls’ College said they had been barred from entering the classroom for wearing the hijab.

Locals protested against the wearing of hijab by Muslim girls, after which students and others wearing saffron-colored flags marched on educational institutions last Friday and Saturday.

On one such occasion, a saffron muffler-clad Muslim student stood outside a college in the Mandia area in front of a crowd of protesting men, chanting Allahu Akbar in response to their slogans.

Following the reaction of the Muslim student, the ongoing discussion on social media regarding the ban on hijab intensified and many users kept mentioning the issue and drawing the attention of the outside world.

Responding to critics of Muslim students protesting against the hijab ban, some Indian consumers said that if they wanted to do so, what was wrong with it.

Five women belonging to Odupi Government College have filed a petition in the Karnataka High Court against the ban on hijab, which is being heard.

After the videos and photos of the incident with the Muslim student Maskan appeared on social timelines, the discussion on it increased so much that more than half a dozen trends in the trends panel are related to this topic. Among them ‘Miskan’, ‘Hijab Ro’, ‘Hijab’, ‘Hindutva’, ‘Muslim Girls’, ‘Indian Muslims’ and ‘Allah Akbar’ are prominent.

In response, those who shared photos of the smiley shared their sketches, calling the second-year student a “symbol of resistance” and her lone voice “heavy on thousands of voices.”

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