September 24, 2023

The former prime minister set a new world record on Twitter

The same live streaming went on Facebook and Instagram.


Twitter has introduced a feature that is very popular all over the world. But the popularity that the former prime minister’s space gained was unprecedented in the history of Twitter.

More than half of the 446,000 Twitter users from around the world interacted with Imran Khan through spaces.

The same live streaming went on Facebook and Instagram.

Regarding the Lahore meeting, he said that he would attend the meeting no matter what. He said that Minar-e-Pakistan is a special place because the resolution of Pakistan was presented there.
Chairman PTI urged his supporters not to say anything against Pakistani forces. Never speak against the army, if we did not have the army we would not be alive, the army is more important than Imran Khan. Enemies of Pakistan are attacking the army and both Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari weakened the army while in power.

Imran Khan said that the media of the country was the most independent. The so-called liberals used to attack us on the freedom of media. We faced the most criticism and propaganda. Spread false news against us, today all the media is blacking out us, the reason is that these mafias support the media owners. For this, offers are being received from abroad, but in the age of social media, this has not worked. Information will come out and it cannot be stopped.

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