September 23, 2023

The earthquake in Afghanistan has so far killed 155 children, at least 65 orphans

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, international aid was cut off.


The death toll from last week’s earthquake in Afghanistan has risen to 155.

According to Afghan media, the UN humanitarian agency Ocha said on Monday that 250 children were injured in the quake and about 65 children were orphaned.

Most of the children’s deaths occurred in Gyan district of Paktika.

The United Nations says it is also working to reunite children who were separated from their families by the quake.

The United Nations has also opened mental health clinics for children in Gyan District.

The quake, which struck between Tuesday and Wednesday night last week, killed 1,150 people and injured hundreds, according to Taliban officials.

The United Nations says the death toll is at least 770, which could rise.

After decades of war, hunger, poverty and economic crisis, the devastation caused by the earthquake has made Afghanistan even more difficult. This situation has also become a test for the Taliban on how to deal with it and how the international community Are encouraged to provide assistance.

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, international aid was cut off.

The international community imposed further sanctions. Transfers from banks were stopped and billions of dollars of Afghan assets abroad were frozen.

The Taliban government has not yet been recognized internationally. The Taliban are being called upon to include all sections in the government and respect human rights.

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