December 4, 2023

Tesla Launched its own car Insurance

Tesla drivers have complained about their experiences with Tesla Insurance

Tesla car

Tesla drivers have complained about their experiences with Tesla Insurance, calling it a “lemon” due to various issues such as high premiums, poor customer service, and difficulties filing claims. These complaints have been echoed in online forums and social media, where drivers have shared their frustrations with the company.

One of the most common complaints about Tesla Insurance is its high premiums. Several drivers have reported that their premiums were significantly higher than what they were paying with their previous insurance companies. In some cases, premiums have been found to be double or even triple what the driver was paying before.

Another issue that Tesla Insurance customers have encountered is poor customer service. Some drivers have reported long wait times on the phone, difficulty getting in touch with representatives, and unhelpful interactions with customer service staff. There have also been reports of issues with the Tesla Insurance app, which some drivers have found to be buggy and difficult to use.

Finally, some Tesla Insurance customers have had difficulties filing claims. Some drivers have reported being denied claims for reasons they believe are unfair, while others have said that the claims process is slow and cumbersome. In some cases, drivers have said that they had to wait months for their claims to be processed.

Overall, it seems that Tesla Insurance has some teething problems that it needs to address. While some drivers have had positive experiences with the company, others have been very unhappy with the service they have received. Tesla will need to improve its customer service, streamline its claims process, and make sure that its premiums are competitive if it wants to win over more customers.

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