September 24, 2023

Team performance in PSL

Most of the runs came to Multan Sultanus section when he won 110 runs in Abu Dhabi on 16th 2021 against Quetta Gladiators.

Team performance in PSL

The highest running team in any innings is Islamabad United, which made 247 runs in 20 overs in Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi on 17 June 2021. Similarly, the lowest score Lahore Kalanders did when he was just 59 runs in 10.2 overs in Dubai on February 12, 2017.

In any match, the highest total score of both teams is 479 runs which made 8 wickets in 40 overs and Peshawar Zalmi made in Abu Dhabi. The lowest total score in PSL matches is 119 runs, Lahore Qalandars and Peshawar Zalmi received 17 wickets in 27.2 overs in Dubai on February 12, 2017.

Most of the runs came to Multan Sultanus section when he won 110 runs in Abu Dhabi on 16th 2021 against Quetta Gladiators.

In the history of PSL 3 times it happened that a team won the match by 10 wickets. For the first time, Peshawar Zalmi defeated Lahore Kawanders in Sharjah March 3, 2018, Karachi Kings defeated Lahore Kingers on 12 March 2020 at Home Ground and the third time Islamabad United Kingdom Gladiates 11 in Abu Dhabi Beat 10 wickets on June 2021.

The victory with the margin of the minimum run was only one run that came to see 5 different occasions. 2 times Quetta Gladiates won the match with a run and both of them were opposed to Peshawar. For the first time it happened in Dubai on February 19, 2016, and on 28 February 28, 2017. Similarly, Islamabad in Dubai 24 February 24, 2017, Peshawar beat Quetta in Lahore on March 20, 2018 and Karachi on March 10, 2019, on March 10, 2019.

Only one wicket was won 2 times. For the first time, Lahore defeated Islamabad in Sharjah on February 20, 2017 and the second time Islamabad to Lahore Lahore on February 23, 2020.

So far, Pakistan has 3 matches in the Super League. Two matches in the season of 2018 and in a 2020. The first match was played in Karachi on March 2, 2018, on March 2, 2018 in Dubai between King King and Kalandar between the United Kingdom and the United Between March 11, 2018 and the third match between Multan Sultan and Karachi Kings.

Betting Records

PSL is still the overall run-winning Babar Prime, who played 56 innings in 58 matches by 43.12 runs 2070 runs. He is the only batsman who crosses 2,000 runs in PSL, while 9 batsmen has completed a thousand runs in other players. Among them include Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Hafeez, Ahmed Shahzad, proud Zaman, Sarfraz Ahmed and foreign players include Shen Watson, Rice Ruso and Luke Ron.

The biggest individual score 127 Dout Colin Angram did Karachi Kings on Sharjah against Quetta Gladiators on February 24, 2019.

So far 10 individual centers have been scored in PSL. Batsman Kamran Akmal is the most scandal, who has scored 3 centers. Ahmed Shahzad Create 2 centers while 5 foreign players Colin Ingram, Cameron Del Port, Chris Lane, Usman Khawaja and Rice Rosso, one score.

The record of making the highest half centuries is the Babar Prime, who has scored 21 half centuries. The record of making the highest run in any season of PSL is also their names. He played 11 matches in 2021 and scored 554 runs from the average of 69.25. In addition, only Mohammad Rizwan has only reached a 500 milestone in a season and he played 12 matches in the same season and scored 500 runs from the average of 45.45.

The PSL is the highest 84-six batsman Kamran Akmal, while Shen Watson’s sixty is 81.

Bowling records

So far in the PSL, Bowler Wahab is Riaz, who has got 94 wickets from the average of 19.61 in 67 matches.

Did the best bowling performing in an ink, when he performed Ravi Boopara, when he played against Karachi Kings in Sharjah on February 12, 2016, he only got 6 wickets by 16 runs.

Two and bowlers have also performed 6 wickets in an innings. The first player is Fahim Ashraf who won 6 wickets for 19 runs playing against Lahore on March 9, 2019. Other players are Omar Gul, who won 6 wickets in exchange for 24 runs against Quetta in Dubai on March 7, 2018. In addition, 4 other bowlers have taken 5 wickets in an innings.

Most of the wickets in any season are Hassan Ali of Bowler Peshawar Zalma, who played 13 matches in 19 -2018 and got 25 wickets from the average of 13.64. Apart from this, 2 Bowlers succeeded in taking 20 or more wickets in Fahim Ashraf and Shahnawaz Delhi Season.

Victim Capping Records

Kamran Akmal and Mohammad Rizwan proved to be the most successful wicket keeper who suffered 50 or more behind the wickets. Kamran scored 60 players in 69 matches, including 51 catches and 9 stump outs, while Rizwan played 47 matches by 51, including 39 catches and 12 stumpouts.

Rizwan has also set the record of the most victim in a season. He made 28 catches and two stumps in 12 matches last year. The number of victims behind the wickets in an ining is 4. This work has performed 4 wickets keepers 5 times. Kamran Akmal hunted 4 in Annius 2 times while Ben Dunk, who has hit Clark and Rizwan one, once 4 victims.

Fielding records

Only 2 fielders in PSL are still successful in catching 30 or more catches. Mohammad Nawaz of Quetta Gladiators has caught 30 catches in 61 matches in 32 and Babar Prime 58 matches.

The most caching catcher in an innings is Ravi Bopara, Kaur Polard and Babar Prime, who caught 4, 4 catches.

In one’s season, the most catching record records include 2 fields proud Zaman and Kauren Polard, and both of them have 10, 10 catches. Proud Zaman performed this action in 12 matches in 2020, while Polard played 13 matches in 2019 by playing this record.

Miscellaneous Records

The Pakistan Super League has yet to be honored to play the most matches. He played 69 matches for Peshawar Zalma, while the same team has played Riaz 67 matches.

Most matches have a record record Sarfraz Ahmed. He has led Quetta Gladiators in the 62 matches of PSL.

So it was a review of PSL cricket so far. It is expected that many records will also be set up and the fans will get the best cricket.

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