October 2, 2023

Tattoo addicted Teacher tattooed his whole body

Tattoo addicted

Tattoos cover every inch of a tattoo addict’s body, including his eyes, who has been dubbed the “world’s most terrifying teacher”

Sylvain Helaine, who has taught as a teacher in both London and Northern France for over a decade, has approximately £52,000 worth of tattoos on his body.

The performer had tattoos all over his body, face, and tongue, and was even held down to have his eyes turned black with a needle.

Sylvain, who claims to have spent more than 460 hours under the needles of tattoo artists, travelled to Switzerland for the painful treatment, which left him blind for several days.

Speaking on This Morning in 2020, he said: “You’ve got one guy holding you down and the other coming with a syringe and putting it straight into your eyes.

“It’s like torture. I won’t recommend it to anyone because it’s painful – you can’t see a thing for a couple of days after.

“You pretty much feel you will lose your sight – and actually a lot of people have lost their sight. So don’t do it.”

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