September 23, 2023

Taliban demand release of frozen assets after worst earthquake

“Is this the rule of the world, because the United States recently passed an anti-abortion law?” Were

Earthquake afganistan_children

Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Qahir Balkhi said: “The Emirate calls on the Islamic world to give Afghans their most basic rights, which are their right to life, including lifting sanctions and restoring frozen assets, as well as cooperation. Is’.

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake this week in Afghanistan’s eastern province damaged more than 10,000 homes and injured more than 2,000.

The quake put severe pressure on Afghanistan’s poor health system and puts the ruling Taliban to the test.

Development aid from abroad was cut off after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in August 2021 and the fall of the Taliban government.

No country in the world has yet recognized the Taliban government.

Billions of dollars from Afghanistan’s central bank have been frozen and sanctions have crippled the banking sector, while the West has called for the restoration of human rights.

Western governments are concerned about women’s rights and girls ’employment and education under Taliban rule, which closed girls’ high schools in March this year.

Asked about the problems, Abdul Qahir Balkhi said that the right to life-saving funds of Afghans should be a priority, adding that the international community was concerned about human rights in various fields.

“Is this the rule of the world, because the United States recently passed an anti-abortion law?” Were

“16 countries around the world have abolished the rights of religious minorities, especially Muslims. Are they also facing sanctions because they are also violating their rights?”

On the other hand, White House spokeswoman Karen Jane Perry said that the US government is working on a complex question regarding these funds to ensure the interests of the people of Afghanistan, these funds are not for the Taliban.

He said the US Agency for International Development was providing assistance to charities.

Following the deadly quake, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates said they were considering providing aid to Afghanistan, while aid sent by Pakistan had crossed the border.

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