September 24, 2023

Suspect arrested for firing during Independence Day parade in US

“We stand with the Chicago community in their grief and sorrow over this tragedy,” he tweeted.

Independence Day parade in US

Police in the United States have arrested a man accused of shooting dead six people during an Independence Day parade in Highland Park.

Six people were shot dead by a gunman during a US Independence Day parade in Holland Park on the outskirts of Chicago on Monday, according to the French Media.

Robert Cremo, 22, was arrested during a massive search of the suspect in Highland Park.

Emergency officials said about two dozen people, including children, were injured in the shooting, some in critical condition.

“Robert Cremo was arrested shortly after chasing a vehicle,” Highland Park Police Chief Lou Jogman told reporters.

Earlier, police warned that he (Robert Cremo) was armed and extremely dangerous.

“We were getting ready to march on the road when suddenly people started running,” Emily Prazak, who took part in the parade, told AFP. Then came some sounds and I thought there were fireworks. ‘

“This is the day we celebrate our country,” he added. This is also the day when our freedom was taken away from us because many of us who live here are trapped in this building.

“I heard screams from a block and people were running away with their children, and we ran to the gas station and stayed there for three hours,” said Don Johnson, a parade participant.

“I’ve seen scenes like this on TV, but I never thought it would ever happen here,” he said.

The shooting started at 10:14 a.m., police officials said.

“Spectators seem to have been targeted,” said Christopher Cowley, a spokesman for Lake County Major Crime Task Force.

Five of the six dead died on the spot, while one was taken to hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

“Twenty-five people, aged between eight and 85, were injured in the shooting,” said Dr. Brigham Temple of Highland Park Hospital.

Four or five children were among the injured, he said. 16 people were sent home after medical aid.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said one Mexican was among those killed.

“We stand with the Chicago community in their grief and sorrow over this tragedy,” he tweeted.

US President Joe Biden has reiterated his commitment in the wake of the shooting that he will continue to fight to end the “epidemic” of gun violence in the United States.

“I will not give up the fight against violence with weapons,” he said. ‘

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