September 22, 2023

Sri Lanka’s economic crisis: People began to leave the country by sea

Keep in mind that Sri Lanka, a country with a population of 22 million, is going through a severe economic crisis.


Sri Lanka’s navy says 91 people have been detained for leaving the country illegally.

The Sri Lankan navy said in a statement on Thursday that the migrants were being transported in fishing boats off the northwest coast.

According to the statement, two operations were carried out on Tuesday in which the boats were seized.
Fifteen people have been detained near the port of Marvella, while 76 have been detained in the waters of Chelo. They ranged in age from one to 62 years.

According to Navy spokesman Capt. Indica de Silva, about 250 people were caught trying to leave the country by boat in the first six months of this year.

“Normally we catch five such boats a year but in the last 45 days we have caught three boats.”
According to the spokesperson, the smugglers mislead the people about the political and economic crisis and tell them that they can live a good life abroad.

Keep in mind that Sri Lanka, a country with a population of 22 million, is going through a severe economic crisis.

For the past several years, Sri Lankan citizens have been traveling to Australia illegally for economic and political reasons, but in a few months the number has increased.

Last month, the government warned that a food crisis could erupt by August. Despite the Sri Lankan government’s lifting of the ban on chemical fertilizers, imports have not been possible, which is actually required for future production.

Social activist Shirin Sarwar told Arab News that the cost of living has risen sharply and the government has no plans to meet the food and medical needs of the poor. That is why people are fleeing this country.

Most of the people who are trying to leave the country by sea are engaged in agriculture and fishing.

According to Shereen Sarwar, these people could not cultivate last year due to fertilizer problems.

“Rice, which is the staple food for survival, is not the only food available. Due to the fuel crisis, fishermen cannot go to sea.

Shereen Sarwar says not all migrants turn to Australia while some try to go to neighboring India.
“At least in the refugee camps in India, they will get three meals a day and some medical help.”

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