September 22, 2023

Skin diseases in summer

Men have to travel in buses all day in the scorching sun and heat to get to work, so it is best to wear a cotton shirt, shalwar or cotton pants that are slightly loose.

Skin diseases in summer

Even in ordinary days, every person, especially women and children, face various skin problems, but in summer these problems become more and more. It is usually very hot from the last week of May to the month of June and there is a power crisis in those days. The intense heat causes the body to sweat profusely, the salts contained in it stick to the skin and begin to bite the skin. This problem is exacerbated when the garments are tight or made of synthetic fibers. Such as tights, skinned jeans, etc. The skin, thighs and back of the knees of people suffering from this ailment become red and irritated and cause discomfort. We also have another problem that “it is known, so go, but in any case do not leave the fashion.” Now it is necessary to wear pampers to small children with such tight clothes. The condition of innocent children becomes worse when there is a delay in changing the pampers after the necessities. In the summer, a large number of children are brought in for treatment, whose mothers complain that their child has severe itching in the urinary tract. Usually when a baby is tried to urinate, he cries and lifts his head to the sky. This is about the children, who can express their pain by speaking. Otherwise, small children only express themselves by taking crores or crying. Most mothers think that their baby is crying because of hunger, although the problem is something else. Also, a specific type of fungus can increase the severity of the itch. If left untreated, the urethra becomes swollen, so the best way to protect children from these problems is to wear cotton clothes, but unfortunately, in the fashion race these days, there is no kurta on the market. Yes, not pajamas. It is best to buy, sew or sew your own baby clothes. Also make a small child a potty trend so that he can sit in his potty and finish well, he cannot be in a pamper. The baby usually recovers with the use of medicines and ointments for ten days a week. However, use only cotton clothes.

By the way, fortunately for the mothers of earlier times, who raised half to a dozen children without wearing pampers and dressed the children themselves by sewing or sewing clothes depending on the season. That is why the women of that time were not familiar with the word “allergy”. Similarly, some women sweat a lot when working in the kitchen in summer, especially when standing in front of the stove, so they should wear loose-fitting cotton clothes. If hot flashes appear, apply talcum powder. In addition, taking a bath in rain water also has a pleasant effect on the heaters. People with diabetes should keep their disease under control in summer as it takes time for the rash and boils to heal.

Men have to travel in buses all day in the scorching sun and heat to get to work, so it is best to wear a cotton shirt, shalwar or cotton pants that are slightly loose. Also, sleep socks, which should be changed daily, because the eggs of the fungus survive the sweat and heat and cause itching. On days when it is very hot, never use someone else’s shoes because if someone has fungus, it can easily infect others. Yes, at night when the weather is relatively cool, silk clothes can be worn for two to three hours at a party etc. Girls or women who have lice on their head should use a thin comb daily in summer. If the head of a young boy or girl is full of lice, let them go bald during the holidays. Avoid excessive use of lice shampoo. Use mosquito nets or, if possible, put nets on windows and doors to prevent mosquitoes.

(Dr. Yasmeen Sheikh)

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