September 23, 2023

Shah Mehmood offers opposition

Shah Mehmood

The National Assembly session reconvened after the delay of nearly three hours under the chair of Amjad Ali Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi once again took the floor.

He continued the speech and suggested the House in-camera briefing by Pakistan envoy to the United States (US) on the matter of international conspiracy to topple the government of Imran Khan.

The minister maintained that the visit to Moscow was on the agenda prior to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“PM Imran Khan’s visit was at the invitation of the President of Russia,” he said. “The US National Security Advisor warned Pakistan about the visit and categorically ordered not to visit.”

Shah Mahmood underscored that Pakistan was never in favour of the war in Ukraine and the PM many times highlighted the importance of bilateral talks.

The minister said that Pakistan is a sovereign state and the opposition wants slavery for the country.

While addressing the issue of the threat letter, he highlighted that PTI government was not faking the document- proposed the House let the envoy in Washington brief the members of the House about the matter.

Earlier, the session began with a speech by the Leader of Opposition Shehbaz Sharif who commenced the session by expressing gratitude over the Supreme Court’s ruling over the dissolution of the Assembly and the ruling of the deputy speaker.

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