September 24, 2023

Scabies: The slightest carelessness can make the whole house itchy

Symptoms include scarring of the scalp, worms in the wounds, and hair loss around the affected skin.


Skin diseases include scabies, also known as Seven Year Itch and Commonly Itchy. Scabies is a contagious disease, so it is more common in densely populated and crowded places around the world, such as industries. The disease is characterized by rashes or scars on different parts of the body with itching, the appearance of pimples and itching intensifies at night. The area around the wrists, knees, armpits, back and ankles are more affected. This skin disease is caused by a specific eight-legged worm Sarcoptes Scabiei, which attaches to the epidermis in the upper part of the skin.

Thus, when the female lays eggs, the larvae that hatch from them begin the process of developmental maturation. The entire process from laying eggs to larvae is completed in about 10 days, after which the patient complains of itching and red pimples appear on the body. But instead of recovering, the severity of the disease increases and when the dermatologist is contacted, other family members are also affected. Remember, the worms of this disease fly and affect the whole family. The germs of scabies are found especially in bed mattresses, sheets, pillowcases and everyday clothes. If not treated in a timely and proper manner, not only the duration of the disease is prolonged, but also the disease spreads and becomes epidemic not only in the family but also in the relatives. If not treated in time, pus and worms get on the skin, which makes treatment difficult. In some cases, the disease affects the scalp as well.

Symptoms include scarring of the scalp, worms in the wounds, and hair loss around the affected skin. It is called crusted scabies. Diagnosis of scabies is made by skin examination and blood test. When treating, keep in mind that if all or a few people in the household are affected, any disease other than one person is affected. It is important to treat all those who have not been infected or those whose symptoms have disappeared, otherwise the disease will continue to be re-infection. Sulfur is the best treatment for this disease. If sulfur is mixed with coconut oil and applied on the skin, it gives immediate relief. Similarly, if a certain amount of sulfur is put in an underground water tank, not only scabies but also other skin diseases will be protected. The use of anti-allergic drugs temporarily stops itching. The use of a special cream or lotion is also effective, which is applied on the whole body below the neck for 8 to 14 hours. While most patients recover with a single dose of the drug, dermatologists recommend using the drug twice. In addition, according to the nature of the disease, different soaps are also available. Patients who have pus in their wounds, the use of antibiotics is indispensable.

It should be noted that daily use of clothes, including bed sheets, pillowcases and towels, etc., by the patient and other family members is an important part of the treatment. In some cases, steroids are also recommended. Are done. Since the disease is also common in dogs, it is important that pet dogs also be examined by a veterinarian from time to time. Wash clothes with lukewarm water and dry them in the sun, bathe daily, sit in the sun for a while and keep away from people in crowded places.

By: Dr. Shah Jahan

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