September 24, 2023

Russian Foreign Minister likely to meet Ukrainian counterparts in Turkey

It is believed that thousands of people were killed in nearly two weeks of fighting, including both civilian and military.

Russian Foreign Minister

 This meeting is on the occasion of hosting NATO member Malik Turkey, but more details were not announced.

Meanwhile, General Staff of Ukraine’s armed forces said that the Ukraine forces are strengthening defense in major cities, while Russia has decreased due to severe resistance in some areas, while the Strategic port city is the human crisis. I stayed in front of the growth.

It is believed that thousands of people were killed in nearly two weeks of fighting, including both civilian and military.

Due to more resistance than expected by Ukraine, there has been a lot of decline in some areas including Russian forces in the presence of Russian forces.

In a statement of the General Staff of Ukraine, he had to say that he is making defense forces in the north, south and east cities and are resisting Russian aggression with non-specific attacks around the cafes.

The General Staff of Ukraine said that Russian forces are keeping military equipment between residential buildings and fields in the northern city of Hoo, while the Russian Maculviews are preparing to the city in urban clothing in the south.

The residents were emphasized on the basis of the air threats in Kyiv, to go to bomb-proof shelters as soon as they were concerned about the coming of Russian missiles.

Issuing such alerts related to the risks are common, in recent days the cafes were relatively calm, while Russian guns pounded in suburbs.

The head of the regional administration of Kyiv said that the crisis is increasing in the capital, especially in the suburbs of the city, the situation is worried.

Russia said that Russia is creating a human crisis in artificial Kyiv area, it is frustrating in the withdrawal of people and is continuing pounding and bombing on small communities.

According to the United Nations, more than 20 million people have escaped from Ukraine.

The forces of Moscow have kept the cities of Ukraine, while due to the fight, the efforts to make citizens safely to get rid of.

An effort of evacuation also looked successful, where Ukrainian officials said that 5,000 citizens from the north-eastern city, including 1700 foreign students, were extracted through a safe radar.

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