September 24, 2023

Russian forces enter the other major city of Ukraine

The Russian army’s disappointment is increasing during the last 24 hours in the northern parts of Ukraine, especially in the northern parts of the Ukraine.

Russia hits Ukrainian oil and gas

Russia has claimed that its army has completed the southern city of Ukraine and the south-eastern city of Budinis.

According to media reports, the Russian Defense spokesman said that during the last 24 hours, the Russian army has completed the Russian army.

On the other hand, the chairman of the Aurangi-based regional administration said that the Russian army has entered the second largest city of the country and is going to fight.

Chairman Olive Significant Goboff said in Facebook post that Ukraine forces are eliminating the enemy.

Russia has said that Bella is ready to talk to Russia with Ukraine. On the other hand, the President of Ukraine has said that it is not ready for interaction but Bella is not in Russia.

Ukraine’s official communication service has said that 40 km away from the capital has targeted a depot of oil. Authorities have warned that the smoke of oil deposits can cause environmental destruction and civilians have directed to avoid poisonous smoke.

The initial information is not clear how important this pipeline is important and can this blast affect gas delivery in any part of the country.

Regarding the worsening situation in Ukraine, urban are trying to take refuge in close countries. More than half a million people have ran to Poland, Maldives and other neighboring countries, while the United Nations has warned that the situation can grow up to four lakhs. While the government has implemented curfew for 39 hours so that citizens should not get out of homes.

The Russian army is facing severe resistance: Pentagon

Earlier, the US Department of Defense Pentagon said that Russia’s attacker’s army is facing disappointment on the army of Ukraine, while the army could not enter the capital of the capital due to slowdown.

One of the Pentagon officials told reporters that the United States and Western Allies are sending weapons to the Ukraine and the United States, while the United States intends to ship more weapons so that Russia’s groundwater and aerial attacks To compete.

According to Pentagon, Russia’s attacker’s army is currently present in Ukraine, however, due to unexpected resistance, progress is slowly.

The Russian army’s disappointment is increasing during the last 24 hours in the northern parts of Ukraine, especially in the northern parts of the Ukraine.

According to Pentagon, Russian forces are about 30 kilometers from the capital city, but they explained that the situation is changing rapidly.

After the rejection of negotiating negotiations in Bella Russia by Ukraine, Russia’s Ministry of Defense ordered the army to attack Ukraine and enhance its scope.

Apart from all the coalition countries have taken extraordinary steps to harm Russia’s banking sector, while some banks have ended with a contact swift system.

Through these steps, the Russian central bank has affected the ability to use its reserves, which he will not support the falling value of the Russian rubble.

US, Canada, European Commission, Britain, France, Germany and Italy have said in a statement while supporting these answers that they are committed to imposing such restrictions on Russia who will alone in the global financial system.

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