September 23, 2023

Russian forces continue to advance, Ukrainian president appeals for help

The Ukrainian leader called on his people to show “solidarity” and to help the elderly seek refuge.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zulensky has said that Russian forces are attacking civilian areas, but he praised the “bravery” of his country’s people and said Kiev was doing everything possible to protect them.

According to media reports, his statement came as Moscow’s forces arrived in the capital, Kiev, and heard explosions in the city, which the government called “terrible rocket attacks.”

“They (Russian forces) are saying that civilian buildings are not their target,” Vladimir Zvelensky said in a video. But this is another lie. In fact, they do not differentiate between the areas where they operate.

“The Ukrainian air system is defending us,” he added. “The Ukrainian people are showing courage,” he said. “All our forces are doing their best.”

The Ukrainian leader called on his people to show “solidarity” and to help the elderly seek refuge.

Volodymyr Zolinsky said Russia would have to talk to Kiev to end the war.

“Russia has to talk to us tomorrow, if not today. They need to talk about ending the war and stopping the attacks. The sooner the talks begin, the less the damage to Russia. “

The Ukrainian president has vowed to stay in Kiev.

A series of explosions and shootings broke out in the northern district of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on Friday, AFP reported. People were seen fleeing to safety during the shootings, while small arms fire was also heard in the Obelunsky area. A relatively large explosion was also heard from a considerable distance from the city center.

Russia’s three-pronged attack on Ukraine is the largest attack on any European country since World War II, according to Reuters.

The bombings and shootings have killed at least 100,000 people in Ukraine and left dozens dead.

According to an Media report, two loud explosions were heard in the center of the Ukrainian capital Kiev on Friday morning.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Koliba has condemned the “terrible rocket attacks” on Kiev on Friday morning.

“The last time this happened in our capital was in 1941, when Nazi Germany invaded,” he said on Twitter.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned on Friday that Russian “sabotage groups” had entered Kiev. He directed the citizens to remain vigilant.

It should be noted that Russia had attacked its neighbor Ukraine on Thursday.

Following the Kremlin’s massive offensive, the Ukrainian president has said his country has been left alone to fight Russia.

“We are left alone to defend our country,” he said in another video message. Who is ready to fight with us? I don’t see anyone. “

After Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the attack on Thursday, shelling continued in Ukrainian cities, forcing citizens to take refuge in train stations.

Russian paratroopers entered the northwestern suburbs of Kiev by helicopter and fighter jets from Belarus and took control of Gustomil airfield.

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