September 22, 2023

Russia will cut off gas supplies to Europe if oil exports are banned: Russia

The US president, meanwhile, held a video conference with France, Germany and Britain to discuss a ban on Russian oil.


Russia has threatened to shut down its main gas pipeline to Germany if its oil exports are banned.

According to Russian media, there has been little progress in the talks since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the largest invasion of Europe since World War II, forcing more than 1.7 million Ukrainians to flee. Russia on Monday offered a ceasefire in some Ukrainian cities to give people safe passage to Belarus and Russia, but Kiev rejected it, sparking renewed fighting in the capital. Gai and the besieged citizens of the two cities are still there.

According to Russian news agencies, Russia has stated that there has been some progress in the talks regarding the evacuation of citizens.

 Today, Russia will give Mariopol and Sami residents the opportunity to go wherever they want inside Ukraine and set aside early hours of the day.

The United States and its allies are considering imposing a ban on Russian oil imports to increase pressure on Russia.

Currently, global oil prices are at their highest level since 2008.

According to Russian Vice President Alexander Novak, if Russia’s oil is rejected, it will have catastrophic consequences and the price of oil will reach 300 300 a barrel.

The US president, meanwhile, held a video conference with France, Germany and Britain to discuss a ban on Russian oil.

It is believed that Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, after which the war has been going on continuously and the case between the two countries is also pending in the international court.

He was boycotted by Monday’s hearing, which drew criticism.

Ukraine has filed a lawsuit against Russia’s invasion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), saying “Putin’s allegations of genocide are based on misinterpretations.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said a few days ago that “Russia’s military action was necessary to protect the victims of bullying and genocide in eastern Ukraine.”

The court held a two-day hearing on emergency grounds, but the Russian diplomat wrote to the court that his “government does not intend to take part in it.”

Russia has been asked to respond on Tuesday.

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