September 24, 2023

Russia is using lethal weapons on a large scale in Ukraine: the British Ministry of Defense

According to the statement, about 287 children were killed and 492 were injured as a result of direct Russian military action.


British and Ukrainian officials say the Russian military is using weapons of mass destruction.

According to British media reports, the Russian army is currently trying to occupy eastern Ukraine, and due to the protracted fighting, resources on both sides are rapidly running out.

Britain’s defense ministry says Russia has begun using anti-aircraft missiles from the 1960s.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the KH22 missiles were designed primarily to destroy ships carrying nuclear material. When they are used to attack the ground, they do not reach the target completely and cause a lot of extra damage and civilian casualties.

Large-scale use of weapons by the two sides has left the city of Donbass, a stronghold of coal mines and factories in the eastern part of the country, in a state of disarray. The burden has been laid.

The British Ministry of Defense says Russia may be using five point five (six point one ton) anti-aircraft missiles because it lacks modern weapons.

However, no further details were given about the missiles where Russia has kept them.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says Russia is working to strengthen its grip on territory seized during the 108-day war.

“Moscow’s attack on Ukraine is something like this, when the oppressors trample on the laws that are made for the protection of all of us.”

He also said that this happens when the major powers decide that their imperialist appetite is more important than the rights of their neighbors.

“It’s a scene of a potentially chaotic world where none of us would want to live,” he said.

The governor of the eastern Ukrainian province of Luhansk, Serhiy Hedaye, has accused Russia of using weapons in a village in Luhansk to ignite large-scale fires in the countryside. Weapons are being used, causing damage to installations and people.

According to figures released by Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office, some 800 children have been killed since the Russian invasion.

According to the statement, about 287 children were killed and 492 were injured as a result of direct Russian military action.

The statement added that the figures were not final and cited in a study by juvenile prosecutors.
Children were most affected in Donetsk, where 217 were killed or injured, followed by 132 in Kharkiv and 116 in Kiev.

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