September 23, 2023

Princess Diana was once bullied by a sex offender

Princess Diana

Sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein’s close associate Ghislaine Maxwell tormented Princess Diana severely.

Maxwell, the daughter of a media mogul, was found guilty of delivering young girls to wealthy men on behalf of Epstein. Maria Farmer, a team victim, has now spoken out about her ordeal in a new interview.

The BBC documentary ‘House of Maxwell’ also connects Maxwell to Queen Elizabeth II’s second son, Prince Andrew, describing how the socialist was violent to a member of the Duke’s family, Princess Diana.

Ms Farmer told The Sun: “Ghislaine’s like: ‘Look, there we made her [Diana] cry, isn’t that funny? We hated Diana’”

“That’s what she said. I was like: ‘Oh my god, that’s horrible’.

“They were very mean to her, like abusive, but they thought it was really funny. Very, very sick.”

Juliette Bryant, a Jeffrey Epstein survivor, has already recounted her harrowing experience with the couple.

He fed off the terror. There was something about the energy of a girl being scared that he liked,” she tells BBC.

She said: “Ghislaine was running the girls. You didn’t want to make them angry, it would have been very, very scary. No one even tried to stand up against them.”

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