October 2, 2023

Prince Andrew faces trial for ‘sexual exploitation’, US court

Lawyers for Virginia’s Robert Goofy hailed the verdict as a victory, but Prince Andrew’s lawyers did not immediately respond.

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 A New York local court judge ruled Jan. 12 that Prince Andrew must face trial.

A 46-page U.S. court has ruled that Virginia’s Robert  old contract has nothing to do with a lawsuit filed against Prince Andrew.

Earlier, in a US court, Prince Andrew’s lawyers had pleaded that the woman had agreed in 2009 with a man named Giuffre Upton for 500,000 that she would not sue anyone, so she is now seeking Prince Andrew’s bail. Can’t even sue.

Prince Andrew’s lawyers had asked the court to drop the case against the client, appealing to the Virginia Robert Goofy to release the old secret agreement.

Virginia’s Robert Goof’s contract was made public earlier this month on a court order, according to which the woman took 500,000 from Jeffrey Upson and promised not to sue anyone.

However, several years later, when the woman filed a sexual assault case against Prince Andrew three times between 1999 and 2001, the British prince had requested in court that the woman had agreed not to sue for money.

The court, after reviewing the agreement, has now ruled on January 12 that despite the old agreement, Prince Andrew will have to face the woman’s case.

According to the court, the lawsuit filed by the woman was not based on “ambiguity” and “speculation”, but the woman identified three places where Prince Andrew sexually abused her before sh reached puberty.

Lawyers for Virginia’s Robert Goofy hailed the verdict as a victory, but Prince Andrew’s lawyers did not immediately respond.

Virginia Robert Goofy is thought to have been used as a prostitute by an American man named Giuffre at the age of 15 and forced to have sex with many of the world’s most political, social and influential figures at an early age.

The woman was used for prostitution from 1999 to 2004, and later in 2019 Jeffrey Upston was arrested on charges of prostitution, who committed suicide in prison in August 2019.

 Giuffre girlfriend Gillian Maxwell was also on trial in a US court, and the court recently found the woman guilty of five counts of prostitution and will be sentenced soon.

Giuffre and Gillian Maxwell used other women, including Virginia Robert, for prostitution before puberty, forcing them to have sex with multiple people.

Robert Virginia Goofy was among the women Giuffre and Glenn Maxwell forced into premarital sex with rich and powerful men.

Who filed a civil lawsuit against Prince Andrew in a New York court in August 2021 for “sexual exploitation.”

The woman claimed in the lawsuit that she was used by Giuffre for prostitution at an early age and was forced to have sex with different people.

The woman claimed in the lawsuit that she and Prince Andrew were forced to have ‘sex’ with Prince Andrew on three different occasions from 1999 to 2001 in London, New York and the Virgin Islands when she was 17 years old. The British sons knew everything about his young age.

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