September 22, 2023

Prime Minister Boris Johnson decides to resign: British media

Boris Johnson will remain in office until the Conservative Party elects a new prime minister in October.

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to resign following a major political crisis.

According to British media, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was persuaded by members of his cabinet to resign.

Boris Johnson will remain in office until the Conservative Party elects a new prime minister in October.

Earlier on Tuesday, British Chancellor Rishi Sonak and Health Secretary Sajid Javed announced their resignations.

He resigned from his ministry, saying he could no longer stay in government in the wake of recent scandals that have tarnished Boris Johnson’s administration.

A number of lawmakers in Britain’s ruling Conservative Party also said the game was over for Johnson.

However, he vowed to stay in office by appointing a new finance minister.

What were the charges against Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson’s government has been plagued by scandals for the past few months. The prime minister was fined for violating lockdown laws imposed in the wake of the corona virus outbreak.

Not only that, but a reprehensible report was published against the behavior of his Downing Street office officials who had violated the lockdown laws.

According to the British news agency Reuters, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s policy also saw uterine, the arbitrary defense of a lawmaker who broke the rules regarding lobbying was also the reason for his criticism.

At the same time, Boris Johnson was criticized for not doing enough to help the British people, who are facing rising fuel and commodity prices.

In the latest scandal, Boris Johnson appointed MP Chris Puncher to a government post against whom there were allegations of sexual abuse.

After the scandal came to light, Rishi Sonak resigned as Finance Minister and Sajid Javed as Health Secretary.

Sajid Javed wrote in his resignation text that “it is clear that this situation will not change under your leadership so you have lost my confidence.”

“I am sorry to say that my conscience does not allow me to continue in this government,” he wrote. The British people expect their government to be honest.

In addition, a survey by the British research and data firm UGO found that 69% of British citizens believe that Boris Johnson should step down as Prime Minister.

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