September 22, 2023

PM Imran to unveil ‘threatening letter’ before journalists, allies today

PM Imran

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Wednesday termed the no-confidence motion as an ‘imported political crisis’ and announced to unveil ‘threatening letter’ before the senior journalists and allies today.

He was addressing the inauguration ceremony of the e-passport in Islamabad.

Talking about the political crisis, the premier said it is part of the democratic process. However, he termed the no-confidence motion an ‘imported crisis’.

He said the foreign powers could not tolerate a government that works for the interest of its people, citing the example of drone attacks.

“I have the document (threatening letter) which I will show to the senior journalists and allies today,” PM Imran said.

He added that the people were thinking that Imran was staging a drama to save his government.

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