September 24, 2023

PM Imran says he is disappointed with SC verdict

PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he had started his party 26 years ago to restore justice in Pakistan but he was saddened that the Supreme Court did not bother to see the allegations and announced the verdict against the ruling of the National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri

He said that he was disappointed with the SC verdict, adding that he would not accept an “imported government” and would launch a protest campaign against the upcoming government.

The prime minister urged the youth and general people to come out against this system and record their protests.

“The youth of Pakistan is our future and if they see leaders selling their conscience, what precedent are we setting for them?” he asked.

He said that nations must stand against wrong, otherwise, nobody can protect them if they don’t raise their voices against the corruption and other evils prevalent in the country.

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He expressed these views while addressing the nation on Friday.

He said that Supreme Court should have seen the letter regarding ‘foreign conspiracy to topple my government before giving its decision.

“I respect the Supreme Court and the judiciary, but the apex court should have looked at the threat letter before issuing the verdict,” PM Imran Khan said.

PM Imran Khan further said that the decision on Article 63 (A), regarding horse-trading, also added to his disappointment. PM Imran Khan said the consciences of the MNAs are openly being bought in the country but no one is taking action on it.

He told the nation that the conspiracy of regime change was being hatched in a foreign country and local politicians were used for this conspiracy.

The premier said the ‘threat letter’ cannot be made public as it has a secret code on it. By making the letter public the security of Pakistan will be exposed.

Speaking about the “threat letter”, he explained what a cipher is — a coded message sent by embassies to their country — adding that this message cannot be shared with the media and public because if these codes are unveiled, all secret information of Pakistan will be unveiled.

He said that during the meeting between the Pakistani ambassador and the US official, the latter complained that “I [Imran Khan] should not have visited [Russia].”

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