October 2, 2023


The story is about the village of Flaira in which the people living there have small problems.


Panchayat is one of the series that started in the early days of Indian web series. The real rise of Indian web series started from 2018-19 when series like Abhay, Delhi Crime, Family Man, Mirzapur, Kota Factory were made. Probably the Indian people were also tired of Bollywood nonsense and thousands of episodes of Indian TV dramas. So not only did the web series become a hit but it also made its permanent place in the entertainment industry.

Panchayat is one such web series. In the present era, every web series is almost over 18 and it is full of abuses. In such cases, Panchayat has a unique place because it is such a simple web series that can be watched sitting in the family. Seen its first season almost two years ago. Such words may have been used in one or two places, but this is a much better series than the general series. Its second season also follows the same pattern

The story is about the village of Flaira in which the people living there have small problems.

A person named Abhishek Tripati also needs a job along with his studies which he can show as an experience for a good job after completing his education.

He also applies for the position of Secretary of the Office of Compatibility with other places and he gets this job. Burj Bhushan is acting Pardhan i.e. wife (Manju Devi) is Pardhan but Burj Ji fulfills the responsibilities.

How can Abhishek, who is only willing to work there, get out of the city environment and get used to the village environment.

After reading the concept of this web series, I guessed that it would be a series full of boredom, but it was not.

This is one of the most popular Indian web series.

If anyone loves it, it is like the Pakistani dramas of 1990.

You will definitely like this web series.

If you say, “Wrath is disgraceful.”

If you have heard the dialogue, watch this series. If you know the background, you will not be able to stop laughing.

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