September 22, 2023

Pakistani parliament should pass resolution for immediate release of Yasin Malik: Mashaal Malik

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad with Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik’s wife Mashaal Malik and his daughter, Maryam Aurangzeb said that there are 64 people who have no idea where they are, what torture cell or jail they are in. He has not had any contact with his family for many years.

He said that India has been oppressing Kashmiris for 75 years but after every oppression the resolve of Kashmiris is getting stronger.

“I have just spoken to the Ministry of Law and the Ministry of Human Rights. The Prime Minister has issued instructions to them in this regard and they have started working on it. We will take all possible steps on the diplomatic and legal front as well,” he said. We will prepare our strategy under international human rights and present it to the Prime Minister and will also formally announce it.

Maryam Aurangzeb said that it would be ensured that India thinks before taking any step which would have global consequences.

Speaking to the media on the occasion, Mashaal Malik demanded that the government of Pakistan take immediate steps to free Yasin Malik from Indian prisons. He is in critical condition. Security personnel are present as if a terrorist is being arrested and taken away.

Mashaal Malik said that Yasin Malik was not even allowed to speak, he was being pressured to get the help of public prosecutor so that the plan to get him to the gallows could easily succeed.

“Yasin Malik will have to declare a ‘protective personality’ because he is a political prisoner. He is the voice of hundreds of people. Our 8 year old daughter has not been able to hear her father’s voice for 3 and a half years.

“I urge the government of Pakistan to give me and my daughter access to Yasin Malik, talk to them, launch a global campaign to get them out, Pakistani embassies around the world,” Malik said. This special task should be assigned to him because on the 25th he will be sentenced, treason, life imprisonment, any punishment can be given to him, we have to save his life now.

He demanded from Maryam Aurangzeb that a resolution be passed in the Pakistani parliament for the immediate release of Yasin Malik and her transfer to hospital.

“A false and fake case has been made against us. Our case should be taken to the International Court of Justice. We are carrying out a peaceful movement in accordance with the UN resolutions and the world accepts our voice. It is to suppress our voice,” he said. Try because we are leading it.

“Every effort is being made to crush us. I will send a message to India that I will do my best and go to the corners of the world for the cause of Yasin Malik and Kashmir,” he said.

Mashaal Malik also appealed to the media to launch a campaign to provide video evidence of Yasin Malik’s statement which is being used as a basis for punishment. He had only said in his statement that yes, I am fighting for freedom. As Gandhi and Bhagat Singh did, if they were terrorists then I am a terrorist and I will do it again and again, now they are not being given a fair trial.

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