September 24, 2023

Our freedom movement will continue till this government holds clean and transparent elections: Imran Khan

He said that our freedom movement will continue till this government holds clean and transparent elections.


Addressing a rally in Shangla, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that our country was built on a slogan 75 years ago.

He said that the secret of our religion is that there is no god but Allah, not only worship of stone idol is shirk but also worship of idol of money is shirk.

Imran Khan said that worship of a liar is shirk, and worship of idol of fear is the greatest shirk because fear enslaves a nation, never tell a great man who does not break the idol of fear first. ۔

He said that the nation which does not break the idol of fear becomes a slave. I have come to you today for the real liberation movement of Pakistan.

Chairman PTI said that real freedom is when a nation makes decisions for the people of its own country and not for any other country.

He said that real independence is necessary because the price of petrol and diesel has gone up in Pakistan, 30 liters has been increased while India has reduced the price of petrol by Rs 25 per liter a few days ago.

Imran Khan said that how a free country makes decisions and a slave country is forced to make a decision which harms his country.

India has bought oil from Russia at 30% less. Our government also went under a conspiracy to buy petrol from Russia. Now this government of American slaves did not buy oil from Russia at 30% less because it was afraid of the US. Did not get permission from

He said that as a result, the burden of inflation has started falling on the nation. When diesel and oil are expensive then it is expensive. India has an independent foreign policy so it can buy cheap oil from Russia.

He said that Pakistan could not buy cheap oil because they have sat up against the US, they do nothing without US permission and US does not allow Pakistan to sell cheap petrol and diesel to its people.

The former prime minister said that a Pakistani delegation has gone to Israel, including a Pakistani servant who works in a government agency, they want good relations with India while they are oppressing Kashmiris.

He said that the foreign policy of our country was that Quaid-e-Azam had said that Pakistan would never recognize Israel unless justice was done to the Palestinians. This was also the ideology of our government. Israel and the United States are implementing the agenda.

Addressing the Prime Minister, he said that he would not talk about Kashmir. He had said that he would sell his clothes to buy wheat. Since they came, flour has become more expensive.

Imran Khan said that Shangla you have to stand with me in this real freedom movement, we do not believe in any super power and only bow before Allah, we stand on truth and truth, we break the idol of fear They just follow their own ideology.

He said that our freedom movement will continue till this government holds clean and transparent elections.

He said that our nation wants the party to come to power in this country which came with the votes of our nation. Will do and it will make the policy that will be for America.

He said the United States had carried out 400 drone strikes during the rule of both parties, but their leadership had not once condemned it. The slaves had never once spoken out against such drone strikes. That is why we have to launch our real freedom movement.

The former Prime Minister said that the growth rate in our government was increasing and it was 5.6%, our farmers never got as much money on crops nor did they produce as much as in our time. They started growing so fast, our income increased, tax collection increased, exports increased, remittances went on record then they conspired and overthrew our government.

He said that today the situation is that the rupee is falling, the country’s wealth is declining, inflation is rising, load shedding records have been broken so those who were involved in this conspiracy will not forget history, nor History will forgive you and neither will the people of Pakistan.

“In the current situation, people are afraid that the country is heading for bankruptcy, the debt is rising fast, the rupee is falling and inflation is rising, if the country is not taken care of at that time and it goes bankrupt,” he said. I would like to send a message to the Pakistani establishment that the Soviet Union and the United States were the two great powers of the world, but when their economy collapsed, the Soviet Union collapsed and even their strongest army could not hold them together.

He said that Establishment says we are neutral, so Bismillah you are neutral but people know that you have power and this gang of thieves is taking the nation down so people look at you. And history will not forgive the role of the country to go down and you say we are neutral.

Imran Khan said that these thieves are doing only two things, one is eliminating their corruption cases, they are eliminating NAB, first General Musharraf forgave their corruption cases and gave NRO, if they were all forgiven. In the ten years he committed corruption, he is now getting NRO.

“I urge the nation to be prepared. I will give my next course of action in the next day’s meeting. We are studying the decision of the Supreme Court and within the ambit of the constitution and law, I will give the next course of action of the movement.

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