October 2, 2023

Not afraid of the crowd, remember God

He clarified that the Constitution of India is not against veil or hijab, she is fighting for her rights, she will not give up.


Miskan Khan was surrounded and harassed by a mob of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh (RSS) activist boys two days ago when he came to college with hijab in Mandia area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKarnataka. Slogans were chanted.

The mob of boys also tried to surround the veiled Muslim girl but the brave girl showed courage and chanted Islamic slogans in response to the boys.

Miskan Khan chanted ‘Allah Akbar’ instead of ‘J Shri Ram’ and because of her bravery she has started trending on social media all over the world.

After the incident, while Pakistani people, showbiz personalities and politicians supported the Muslim girl, India’s own showbiz personalities, politicians and ordinary people also condemned the role of Hindu students.

Speaking to Turkish news agency Anatolia after the incident, Miskan Khan said that she was not scared to see the crowd, but when it happened, she remembered God and gained more strength.

According to Miskan Khan, whenever Muslims are in a difficult situation, remembering God gives them courage and strength and they did the same and chanted slogans of ‘Allah Akbar’ in response to the crowd.

In response to a question, Miskan Khan said that he was getting love and support from all over the world, including India, for standing firm in front of the crowd, which further strengthened his courage.

He clarified that the Constitution of India is not against veil or hijab, she is fighting for her rights, she will not give up.

Miskan Khan also showed patriotism and called the Indian constitution great and said that some of his brothers have gone astray but he hopes that they will get back on the right path.

Miskan Khan also confirmed that he has been supported by other staff including the principal of the college and he is happy with the support he has received from all over India.

India, a country with a Muslim population of over 250 million, has been embroiled in controversy over the hijab and veil for the past few months, and some educational institutions in the state of Karnataka have banned Muslim girls from attending school and college with the hijab.

Apart from Karnataka, educational institutions in other states have also imposed such a ban while it is being hotly debated across India.

While Muslims are seen holding rallies and demonstrations in favor of hijab and veil, extremists are seen demanding ban on Hindu veil.

Muslims in the state of Karnataka have also filed petitions in the High Court on the issue of banning hijab or veil, which has been transferred to the Supreme Court of India and is likely to start court proceedings in the next few days.

Interestingly, while Muslim women wear the hijab, women belonging to certain communities of Hindus also wear the hijab but are not objected to.

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