September 24, 2023

Noor Mukadam was killed by a party member at home, accused Zahir Jaffer claimed

 The court adjourned further hearing of the case till February 14.


Zahir Jaffer, the main accused in the murder case of Noor Mukadam, daughter of former ambassador to Islamabad, has submitted 342 statement in the court under criminal code.

In the reply submitted by the lawyer of the main accused, the accused Zahir Jaffar denied killing Noor Muqaddam and said that the murder was committed by someone who was participating in the party held at his house.

While the statement was being recorded in the court by the lawyer of the accused, the court summoned the accused in the rostrum and the statement was recorded in the presence of the main accused.

After some time, the condition of the accused started deteriorating and he stood up with the help of rostrum. On the direction of Judge Ata Rabbani, the accused was seated on a chair.

After the statement was recorded in the court, the judge asked the accused to sign it, to which the accused’s lawyer Usman Gul said, “Sir, you can do it yourself.” So it will be a problem for me if you can easily sign. After which, the brother of the accused Zahir Jaffer, despite the insistence of the accused not to sign, took the signature and submitted it in the court with his thumb print.

The accused also requested for submission of evidence in his favor which has been partially accepted and will be cross-examined by the lawyers at the next hearing.

342 statements of 10 accused including the main accused have been recorded while the statement of father and mother of the main accused will be recorded at the next hearing.

 The court adjourned further hearing of the case till February 14.

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