September 24, 2023

Netizens applaud: Rajasthan cop who rescued a child from a burning house

burning house

On Saturday, a Rajasthan Police constable was praised for protecting a child during communal rioting in Karauli. Netresh Sharma, 31, snatched the infant from two ladies who were stuck in the midst of the fighting and raced through the fire to save the youngster.

Sharma told the media, “I was providing protection to the procession by leading the way on a motorcycle patrol. Suddenly, when the stone pelting began, I rushed back and found two people sitting on the road. They had been injured and requested me to take them to hospital which I did.”

He added, “I suddenly saw a house in the middle of two shops that were burning with two-three women trapped inside. One of them had a child in her arms. As soon as I saw that scene, I rushed into the house,” Sharma said. “The flames were closing in on the door. The women begged me to help and I told them to give me the child who was already wrapped in a shawl. I took the child in my arms and I told the mother and the other women in the house to run out behind me.”

Shamli SSP Sukirti Madhav Mishra said on Twitter on Monday, with a photo of Sharma, with the caption, “So proud of constable Netresh Sharma of Rajasthan Police for saving a precious life. This picture is in deed worth a thousand words.”

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