September 23, 2023

NAB editors should be jailed, will be challenged in court: Imran Khan

“We are going to the Supreme Court against the NAB amendments,” he said. I will call you and fight against them. “


Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that after the NAB amendments by the government, now if money comes in fake account, they will not have to prove it but NAB will have to prove it.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said, “In a country where the law is for the powerful, the country is doomed and has no future. The only thing missing is justice. “

“Unless Pakistan’s major criminals come under the law, the country cannot move forward.”

Imran Khan said that what happened in the assembly is an insult to the country. Those who have shamelessly made NAB amendments should be in jail.

This imported government came to the assembly to end its cases. His minister Khurram Dastagir said that Imran Khan had to put him in jail. Shahbaz Sharif had to be in jail because he and his son have NAB cases.

“Now their politicians will be spared NAB cases,” he said. Asif Zardari will survive. Some were papad and some were sugar. He has amended Article 14, according to which the money in the fake accounts will be dealt with in the end, it should be a few rupees.

“If there are more assets than income, we have to tell where the money came from. He has now put the burden on the NAB to prove it. Now all their people will be saved. According to section 21, reports from abroad will not be part of the case.

The former prime minister said that money laundering has been taken out of NAB and handed over to FIA. The FIA ​​is under Rana Sanaullah. Now they will escape anonymity. It is being allowed that any minister or bureaucrat in whose name he wishes to own property.

“They blackmailed me for three and a half years to get an NRO. When Fatif’s law was being drafted, he tried his best not to pass the law and he walked out.

Imran said that now they have got NRO II. First Musharraf gave them NRO. It is not possible to seize the wealth that is lying outside. Wealthy countries benefit from the money coming into their country.
“They were not worried about inflation or the economy. Their potential is such that they are heading for disaster. Their goal was to prevent theft. “

“We are going to the Supreme Court against the NAB amendments,” he said. I will call you and fight against them. “

“History will not forgive those who have imposed this government on us.”

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