October 2, 2023

Mystery of Ukraine’s ‘Lady Death’ sniper


A SNIPER hailed as Ukraine’s very own “Lady Death” has become a national hero as she defiantly battles Russian soldiers undercover.

Known only as Charcoal, the sharpshooter’s identity is shrouded in mystery as she vows to fight Vladimir Putin’s butchers “to the very end”.

The sniper – known only as Charcoal – has been hailed a hero after returning to service in UkraineCredit: Twitter / lapatina_

The markswoman joined the Ukrainian Marines in 2017 and spent years fighting pro-Kremlin separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk.

After serving on numerous tours in the east of the country, Charcoal left the Ukrainian armed forces in January – just weeks before Putin ordered his troops to invade on February 24.

The determined sniper volunteered to return to the front line with the 35th infantry brigade of Rear Admiral Mykhailo Ostrogradsky as she issued a rallying cry to Ukrainian troops

“We must take them all out,” she said, reports The Times.

“These people are not human beings. Even the fascists were not as vile as these orcs.

“We must defeat them.”

She has been likened to Ukrainian-born Lyudmila Pavlichenko – credited as one of the most prolific female snipers everCredit: Getty

Charcoal – whose face has been partially covered in pictures to protect her identity – has been likened to Ukrainian-born sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko for her heroic efforts.

Pavlichenko earned herself the nickname Lady Death as she clocked up 309 Nazi kills in World War 2 and is claimed to have never lost a sniper duel during her years of service – always getting her man.

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