September 23, 2023

Mum of 3 make £50,000 a year selling used tights

I make £50,000 a year selling used tights

A mother-of-three from Cornwall was left struggling for money after the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, combined with rising living costs, made life difficult for her and her family.

She has since discovered an alternative – and very lucrative – source of income by selling her XL tights for £45 each on the adult content platform OnlyFans.

Lizzy Groombridge, who stands at a towering 6ft 2in, claims to have made £50,000 from selling her long patterned tights since launching her business 18 months ago, earning nearly twice the average UK wage.

Lizzy, from Camborne, Cornwall, says the demand for her product has been so high that she’s had to make weekly trips to Primark and other stores to keep her 39-inch legs stocked.

“I enjoy it, and I don’t care what others think,” the 27-year-old said. Their thoughts do not pay my bills. When people started approaching me on TikTok, I got the idea.

“I make a lot of videos about my height, and I wear tights in them.” People were messaging me and asking if they could buy them from me. I’m so reliant on myself that I thought I’d try it and see how it went.”

Lizzy claims that: “I usually sell around ten in a fortnight, but this can vary. It’s opened my eyes to desires I didn’t know existed, but I’m still open-minded “

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