October 2, 2023

Muhammad Hasnain’s bowling action declared illegal

Under ICC rules, a bowler’s action must be within an angle of 15 degrees.

Muhammad Hasnain

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A statement issued by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said that Hasnain’s bowling action was tested on January 21 at the International Cricket Council (ICC) Accredited Lab in Lahore.

According to the statement, after reviewing Hasnain’s bowling action, the PCB received a detailed review report from Cricket Australia today.

The report states that while throwing good length and full length, bouncer and slow bouncer deliveries, the elbow of Hasnain’s arm is exceeding 15 degrees.

According to the PCB, after reviewing the report and discussing it with its bowling experts, it is confident that the fast bowler’s action could solve the problem.

The statement said that the PCB would now appoint a bowling consultant who would work with Mohammad Hasnain so that he could correct his bowling action and be ready for re-examination.

The PCB said that Mohammad Hasnain is an asset of Pakistan and is one of the few bowlers who consistently throws the ball at a speed of 145 kmph.

The statement said that on the recommendation of the technical committee of Pakistan Super League (PSL) 7, the PCB has decided that Muhammad Hasnain will not be allowed to participate in the league any more.

The PCB said that under the Illegal Bowling Action Rules, Muhammad Hasnain will remain suspended from bowling in international cricket until he clears the test of his bowling action again.

It may be recalled that Muhammad Hasnain’s bowling action on January 19 was reported suspicious while he was playing in the Big Bash League (BBL).

The Hyderabad-born Pakistani fast bowler made a memorable debut in Australia’s T20 Big Bash League, taking three wickets in the first over and four wickets in the match.

Under ICC rules, a bowler’s action must be within an angle of 15 degrees.

Muhammad Hasnain is considered an important part of the Quetta Gladiators squad and has so far represented Pakistan in 8 ODIs and 18 T20I matches.

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